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The Beatles a band whose inception happened almost 50 years ago are still very relevant to date. They started out in Liverpool, England in 1960 with members Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Pete Best and George Harrison the band made such a compelling sound with so much youthful appeal. They experimented with several genres such as pop ballads, and Indian music to hard rock often incorporating classical elements in innovative ways.

The Beatles built their reputation by playing clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg for three years from 1960.They gained their popularity in the United Kingdom in 1962 after their hit song “Love Me Do’ They were later to be nicknamed “the Fab Four’ as the Beatles mania fervor spread around Britain.

The group broke up in 1970 they each enjoyed successful musical careers of varying lengths. The surviving members that is McCartney and Starr are still musically active, sadly Lennon and George Harrison who both died in 1980 and 2001 respectively. The Late George Harrison was exceptionally in with his music and released hit after hit both in the solo’s category and through collaborations. The group had more number-one albums’ on British charts an they sold more singles in the United Kingdom than any other act. Furthermore, the Beatles are best-selling music artists in the U.S with 178 certified units.

The groups bright pop tunes, nice and simple lyrics and engaging harmonies that define the bands forays in the limelight with their boys sporting sleek bob hairdos and slim matching suits created the leeway for hard rock and deeper more introspective prose and their fancy attire of the times.

Paul McCartney proved to be the most successful businessperson of the lot although after the unfortunate death of his wife and partner led to some really low moments for him.

Today, many years later modern artists still emulate the Beatles and their style. Many rock bands strive to match their quality that is the Beatles. They have been a great inspiration to the music industry and specifically to the rock genre.

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  1. John Heckle says:

    What happened to Ringo?

    • rmckenna says:

      I’ll be texting about The Beatles in details and you will know what happened John, Paul, George and Ringo soon !!!

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