The Who Rock Band Still Rocks!


The Who bock band, a popular rock band from Great Britain, became one of the legends of the 1960’s. Their classic rock style continues to shake scenes for the young and young at heart. The Who Rock Band still performs and concert tickets can be purchased anywhere from $139.00 up to around $800.00.

The Who Rock Band did not start out their musical adventure as “The Who.” They started out as “The Detours” They changed their name in 1964. The original band members established themselves as world class rock stars, selling over 100 million records worldwide, earning them the unofficial title as one of the most influential rock groups of the 20th century.

The Who rock band release a US top ten singe in 1967 called, “I can see for miles.” In 1969, they released the rock opera “Tommy” which was a huge success and lead to even more live shows such as appearing at Woodstock and The Isle of Wight Festival. The original group enjoyed continued and increasing success, including Who’s Next and in 1973 a film representation of Tommy appeared, which continued their popularity, so they released the “Who are you?” album, but it took a backseat to the loss of The Who Rock Band member Moon, right after release of the album.

In spite of losing a beloved member, the group continued to record new music, and by December of 1979, The Who rock band became the third band, to be featured on the cover of Time magazine. However, the limelight was not lit for long, as the band broke up for a few years.

The Who rock band has reunited for special occasions, including several charity shows and combinations with such stars as Elton John, as well as a special show to help support the fight for a cure of childhood cancer. In 2013, Townshend released to the press that the group would have their final tour in 2015, however, the US tour is scheduled through 2016! Although the group says they cannot tour forever, the likelihood they will continue for a few more years remains high.

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  1. John Heckle says:

    What happened to Keith Moon?

  2. John Heckle says:

    Tommy is my favorite movie.

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