i know your here for 1960’s music and so far I’m texting about 1950’s. Have you seen the new Star Wars film before you seen the other six, have you read the seventh Harry Potter book before the other six novels, or do you want to start from the beginning ???

believe it or not, 1960’s started in 1956, that’s when John Lennon heard Elves Presley for the first time and if you don’t know that John Lennon and everyone else in the 1960’s wasn’t influence by 1950’s, then who influenced them ???

this month is my first month of having this website and since it is my site, I can text about anything, whenever I want and for now, I’ll be texting about 1950’s, but not for long. I love 1960’s, but everyone and everything has a beginning.

The Beatles didn’t just walk in a studio and started to record, and never did The Rolling Stones, The Who and Bob Dylan. They had the talent, but not the motivation to do anything about it. They didn’t know anything that was coming their way, for no one can say, that they knew what was going to happen in their lives.

Since The Beatles started in 1957, you could say that I should have untitled my website 50srocknroll.com and I guess I shouldn’t have The Rolling Stones and The Who on here as well, but don’t worry, I’ll sneak them on my site, somehow LOL !!!

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  1. Mary Boothwood says:

    Why don’t you have a website for the 1950’s, so you can stop talking about it.

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