1950’s TV

THE 1950’s TV shows were mostly of radio shows. Some radio shows couldn’t cross over to TV, because older actors were playing yonder people, or were blacklisted as a communist. A few that survived were The Jack Benny Show, The George Burns And Gracie Allen Show, Abbot And Costello Show and Our Miss Brooks, which were comedy. The Long Ranger and Wagon Train which were westerns. Perry Mason, which was a soap opera on radio, turned into two shows, one Perry Mason and the other The Edge Of Night. I Married My Husband, which had Lucy Ball as wife and Gale Gordon as husband. Desi Arnes was cheating on her, so Lucy wanted to keep an eye on him, so her husband wouldn’t cheat on her again. When she was asked to have I Married My Husband, she wouldn’t do it unless Desi was playing her husband on the show. The network was afraid of losing the audience by doing so, but they caved in but they had to have twin beds. The Adventures Of Ozie And Harriet had slept in the same bed, because the audience knew they were married, so the censorship would allow that to happen. Desi named the show, so he be first in the title for he was the I in the show I Love Lucy.

Of course their were other shows that came later like The Untouchables which told the story of Elliot Ness capturing the mobs members and when they ran out of names, the show was making them up. The real mob, complained that it wasn’t what really happened and CBS cancelled it.

The Adventure Of Oize And Harriet had Ricky Nelson, who became a Teen Idol.

Other than that, the 1950’s were quite !!!

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