American Rock’N’Roll was falling its momentum in the year 1957.

As as I texted you before, Rock ‘N’ Roll had several people in either plan crash, found religion or went willing to the army, but those that was still around, was falling in the charts. If your not in the top 10, then you were nowhere and that’s what happened to Bill Haley & His Comets. Bill Haley’s popularity was falling in The USA, however he had a Following in Great Britain, so he and the Comets flew to England and played for his fans. His fans like his music, but was turned off by his age. So he went back to The USA and tried to restart his career.

Their was a Teddy Boy that got it in his head that he can play Rock ‘N’ Roll better than Bill Haley can and that’s when John Lennon, who was that Teddy Boy, started to play Skiffle Music !!!

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  1. Mary Boothwood says:

    When can I hear some music?

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