American Rock’N’Roll was fading fast, but British Rock’N’Roll was gaining strength.

With the talent of Buddy Holly, the only singer with glasses and writing his own music, their was hope that the 1960’s was going to be better than ever, but with his death, that hope was gone.

Record companies enjoyed the cash flow that Rock’N’Roll was giving them, but no longer was given to them. RCA still had new music from Elves Presley, but he wasn’t in The USA to promote it.

Record promoters went and found good looking teenagers to sing the songs which they thought would make a hit record. Pat Boone was the only singer of Rock’N’Roll music so they used him as a model for the new singers.

Elvs Presley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, just to name a few, had long hair, but combed in the style of the 1950’s. The new singers, had short hair, with no talent and sang water down Rock’N’Roll songs.

American Rock’N’Roll had Frankie Alalon, Fabian, Rick Nelson and Annette Funicello  just to name the more popular singers. However Great Britain was borsting with talent. The Silver Beatles, The Rolling Stones, High Numbers (later became The Who), Garry And The Pacemakers, The Animals, The Zombies, Herman Hermits just to name a few but not all The talent groups. Great Britain was about to release music that USA abandoned just a year ago and when the invasion comes, it will change everything that what came before and is still having an effect even to this day and will continue into the next century, for this is the reason why I have this website in the first place, so enjoy the ride, because for it be a bumpy ride for some and a smooth ride for us all !!!

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  1. Mary Boothwood says:

    Who’s Fabian?

  2. Cecilia David says:

    Good, because I want to know too

  3. rmckenna says:

    Then I’ll just have to post about it sooner than I thought !!!

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