Bob Dylan : The Biography


Bob Dylan Profession: Singer, painter Real Name: Robert Allen Zimmerman Horoscope : Gemini Birthday: Saturday, May 24, 1941 (age: 74 years)

Bob Dylan, whose real name is Robert Zimmerman, was born May 24, 1941 in Minnesota. The iconic figure of the folk rock has a passion since childhood for country and blues. At age 20 he moved to New York in the bohemian Greenwich neighborhood where lived the artists of the Beat Generation. If Dylan struggles initially to impose his hoarse voice and style judged surprising, he manages to ensure the early parts of bluesman John Lee Hooker. Bob signs a contract with Columbia Records and is supported by his mentor Johnny Cash, his first successes are broadcast on the radio.

With “Blowin ‘in the wind”, composed in April 1962, the militant folk poetry of the young artist affects Americans who fight against the war in Vietnam and various aspects of conservatism. His political commitment to the civil rights of black Americans is in each of his songs become the anthem of a generation that rejects the post-War model.

On the international level, his encounter with the Beatles proves decisive. At the dawn of the 1970s, he returned to his love of country music and the album Nashville Skyline sees the light. The following year, he plays in the western film “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid” by the sour Sam Peckinpah. Since 1997, after being led astray for almost fifteen years in a mystical chef d’oeuvre, he continues tour around the world, often in the company of other rock legends: Mark Knopfler, Bono, and Tom Petty.

Privacy side, Dylan was the husband of supermodel Sara Lownds. The marriage was kept secret for a year. In 1966 came their first born son, Jesse, now director and businessman. The couple had three other children, Anna, Jacob, the vocal of the Wallflowers, and Samuel who became a photographer since. The couple divorced in 1977, Dylan married his backup singer Carolyn Dennis in 1986. Their union lasted until 1992 and will give them a daughter, Desiree Gabrielle.

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