In some ways 1968 was the end of the 1960’s, for political, it was the last year of Flower Power, Potest Against The Vietnam War and any new preformers were getting ready for the 1970’s

Black Panthers were only spending hate, with no solutions, which The KKK was doing. Although I have never heard the two attacking each other, just attacking the opposite side. No matter what view I may have, if it’s compared to The KKK or Black Panthers, then I’m going to change my views.

Whatever you think about The USA being in Vietnam, that potest should never of happened.

  1. The Democratics invented The Draft.
  2. Unlike WWII, Hollywood wasn’t behind it.
  3. The Democratics lowered the age level.

These libels of today that think Republicans made a mess of things, let them look up their history.

I love the music and history of the 1960’s, but the teenagers were stupid and lazy. Even today, do teenagers listen to their parents, no they think they know it all and like The Flower Children of the 1960’s, they know nothing !!!

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