Cheech & Chong

Medium Stand-up, television, film, books, radio
Nationality American, Canadian
Years active 1971–1985; 2002–present
Genres Latino comedy, Stoner comedy/culture
Subjects Recreational drug use, drug culture
Influences Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Mort Sahl, Bill Cosby, Jonathan Winters
Influenced Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, George Lopez, Craig Ferguson, Billy Connolly, Russell Peters, Mitch Hedberg, Ron White, Jackie Martling
Notable works and roles Up in Smoke (1978)
That ’70s Show
Nash Bridges
Cheech & Chong are a Grammy Award–winning comedy duo consisting of Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong who found a wide audience in the 1970s and 1980s for their films and stand-up routines, which were based on the hippie and free love era, and especially drug and counterculture movements, most notably their love for cannabis.

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