the last year of the decade saw no real hit songs, for they weren’t anything worth listening to. Except for a handful of songs, (I count three) not much is played any longer. Rock’N’Roll was no longer as important as it was back two years earlier.

When Elvis Presley was on The Ed Sullivan Show he shakes his hips and for the second show he was only shown from the wast up. Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino, and more, made it on the charts, when only white singers was supposed to be. Teenagers bought 45’s listen to, be popular, or to get on their parents nerves.

1959 their wasn’t any non whites in the Top 10, their wasn’t anything offensive, it was as though Rock’N’Roll wasn’t invented. That was dark times for Rock’N’Roll and it needed transplant as soon as possible.

However from 1959-1963 except for Beach Music and Bubble Gum Music (I’ll text you about that later), their wasn’t much there to listen to, but the teenage girls just the Teen Idols and that’s what kept the music going until The Beatles landed in The USA and gave back Rock’N’Roll which was lost to The American people !!!

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