When The Japanese bombed Porl Harbor, the U in United, was with the car companies, turning out tanks and engines faster than when their was making cars. Movie industry was making movies, cartoons and shorts, supporting war. Even actors and sport players, as well as preformers signed up to fight The Nazi, The Japes and Italy. They didn’t care about themselves, all they cared about is making The USA as safe as can be. The newspapers, news reels and news radio were reporting that we were beating our enemies with American know how, their heros to me.

However, I wonder what would happen if we were attacked again, if we had the same thing happened to us today, like if The Twin Towers were hit, would we have the same effect ???

no one, but Country & Western singers and of course The Republicans, supported our troops. It’s a shame that we weren’t brought up with heros as longer !!!

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