Pre 60’s

To understand how the 1960’s became to be, we must first text about the 1950’s. You heard about how Rock’N’Roll got started, so I won’t bore you with that. After all, this website is of the 1960’s, however the 1950’s made it possible for the 1960’s to begin. The 1950’s started with racism. Not the songs, but the way Black preformers were treated by radio and music industry. There was songs written and recorded by Black preformers, but after they recorded the songs, music companies would get White preformers to sing it and make more money for the music company. Some songs were better preformed by Black singers like Big Mama Thornton singing Hound Dog than Elves Presley version. Have you ever heard of a man calling a woman Hound Dog ???

he may call her as ugly as a dog, but never a Hound Dog, which makes Elves Presley’s version as nothing more than a novelty song. However women have said their boyfriend is a Hound Dog and it makes better sense of the lyrics for a woman to sing it.

do you remember Fats Domino’s Ain’t That A Shame well the music company that had Fats Domino also had Pat Boone and it’s funny to see Pat Boone singing it.

Why I’m texting this, is because it went on in the beginning of the 1960’s but the Black preformers had more hits with their music and the Times Were Changing. At the end of the 1950’s preformers of both colors were either dead or leaving the music business. Little Richard found God and became straight and preaching the Bible, Elves Presley was drafted, Carl Perkings lost time finding another drummer, Jerry Lee Lewis was founded out that he married his 13 year old niece. Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper both died from a plane crashed. So their wasn’t anyone to fill the gap for the next decade. That’s where I’ll stop for today, catch the next post to see what what happens next !!!

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