The Three Parts Of 1960’s

If you look close at the 1960’s, you can notice that theirs three parts of the 1960’s.

1960-1963 has the Teenage Idols, Girl Groups, Bubble Gum Musics and Beach Music, (Bobby Vinton, The Shirelles, Ohio Express and Jan & Dean), but that all changed when The Beatles came off the plane, which started The British Rock.

1964-1966 The British Rock was popping up everywhere (Manfred Mann, Herman Hermits, Gerry And The Pacemakers and Peter & Gordon), until The Beatles came out with Sct. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which made people listen to the lyrics.

1967-1970 Protest Songs and members of one group, will play with another and have outside concerts with a lot of preference and in films together, (Woodstock and Rolling Stones Rock’N’Roll Circus), until The Beatles broke up.

I’m not saying that The Beatles breaking up stopped singers and groups to preform together, it’s just the way of the times. However, The Beatles transform the 1960’s like no one has ever done and it won’t happen again, for no one has the guts to try something new and in today’s music, just being on the charts is all the performers ever want.

With The Beatles and Elvis Presley talents, it influenced the music of today, but musical groups of today, care about their reputation and is too scared to try something new.

Weather you like the 1960’s music or not, the 1960’s had more verity, Teenage Idol, Girl Groups, Beach Music Novelty Songs, Bubble Gum, Music British Rock, Hard Rock, LA Music, Protest Songs, Bubble Gum Soul Music and Soul Music, where as today we only have two Rock’N’Roll (but not as good as 1955-1975) and Rap (no wonder why C&W is popular). I’m a great fan of Beyoncé, but all the other female singers try to be just like her (except for P!nk, which I’m also a big fan) and it’s the same with the groups (I can’t see anything changing now and in the future and nothing worth listening to).

A candy store has verify and everyone loves candy. A vegetable stand has no verity and everyone just eat it to be healthy. Which one would you pick, Chocolate, Caramel, peppermint, gummies bears, jellybeans, jawbreakers and bubble gum, or green beans, peas, carrots and broccoli ???

It’s better to choose is be than no choice at all !!!

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