i might have just raise the money to over a hundred, because no one is reading my post. Which means I can have naked photos and no one would care. I’m not giving up on my website, but now I’m putting on anything I want to and I don’t care if you read it or not.

I’m going to have my inner thoughts, my edit photos, my stories and more.

I don’t have to have anything about the 1960’s, because theirs no one that comes here.

In 20 hours I was going to do something special and if you don’t want to know, then find, I’ll use the money I was going to give you an use it for something else.

Mill still have the 1960’s, but I’m good to have something else added to it, that you may like. I know I do and since you aren’t here, you won’t know what it is !!!

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10 Responses to “$194.10”

  1. tom Bones says:

    is this true,because i could that money

  2. rmckenna says:

    It’s true and if you can answer it correctly in 20 hours, the money is yours !!!

  3. tom Bones says:

    wow, i didn’t know you were on

  4. rmckenna says:

    I’m thankful that your here, so please text/type your answer !!!

  5. tom Bones says:

    did anyone win?

  6. John Heckle says:

    I wish you could have raise the amount, so I could have tried to guess what it was

    • rmckenna says:

      Maybe next time I’ll raise it, but I wasn’t sure if I could do contest on my website, but now I know !!!

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