Girls In Music That Turns To Women

There was a time, that girls in music were treated like their counterpart (on the charts), and when they became women their reputation is what keeps them in the charts.

Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Patti Labelle and more can be on the charts, with their personality, reputation, and of course the song without showing skin to prove it to their fans. They can continue with their musical career forever and always, or until they choose to leave it and come back with growing fans waiting for their lasted cd’s.

Today’s girl singers, don’t have that luxury, for when they become women, their fans leave them.

Janet Jackson has  disappeared from the charts and, Beyoncé took her place. You don’t hear much of Li’ Kim, Britney Spears, P!nk, Lady Gag, but you do hear of K  Michelle, for she’s the youngest of them all.

Girls have to prove themselves to make it on top, so they show some skin and try to be sexy, but once they get older, their has beens, and someone younger takes their place. However it doesn’t matter what age a men is to be on top (unless he’s in a boy band), and even if they  disappoint their fans with their latest CD, the fans will wait for the next one, but not if it’s by a woman (like Janet Jackson, remember her last CD), they become history, with no books, about their live story, no one even cares about their past CD’s. It’s a shame that women don’t have the same weight as men singers.

I love the Oldies, and the women of today, will be part of that in a few years from now.

It’s a shame, but it’s true, I like K  Michelle’ Falling and I watch her Reality Show, but how long will she continues, before someone takes her place. She’s the flavor of the month, but a month only have four weeks in it, before the next flavor of the month, so I hope she has kept her money safe, because she will need it for her retirement which might be in five years.

They say that music changes every five years and theirs always a new girl singer coming up to replace the women singers of today.

Where is Britney Spears, today, does anyone care about her and her kids. What happen to Madonna’s fans that dressed up like her, would that happen now, if came out with a new CD. Janet Jackson is working out, but is it too late for her. With the fame of Li’ Kim, all I ever heard of was she had breast enlargement, but what about now, when I started to like her music, I hear nothing of her. Is Foxy Brown recording anything, theirs no word about it.

K  Michelle has a new CD and I pre bought it on iTunes and on, but I haven’t heard anything by Beyoncé, is she on her way out. I enjoy P!nk, but when will I hear her again.

If you a fan of a girl singers in the 1960’s and you can’t find one CD with only one singer on it, then might never have enough fans for record company to make one.

It’s worst with Girl Groups, only The Supremes lasted two decades, where as The Go Go’s, Destinys child, En Vogue, break up, because girls can’t work with girls and that’s a shame, but it’s true. So what will come of this, nothing, for girls will become women and want children and want to be married, because girls will take their place, before they give birth and burn off the body weight.

It’s not going to change and it seems no one buying the CD’s care either, and that’s also a shame !!!

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