Happy Birthday Paul McCartney

June 18, 1942 (74)

It’s hard to find anyone not knowing who you are. It’s also hard to find someone that doesn’t like your music.

You record with The Beatles, The Wings, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Rihanna and you went solo as well. You write songs for other performers and Yesterday is still the most recorded song in history. You don’t deserve a day, you deserve a week or a month. I can’t begin to describe how you meant to me since 1973 until now and with all your songs, how can I play them all today, when theirs so many of them to listen to.

Your a legend in your lifetime, for you given us joy, laugher and love in your songs, and this post doesn’t give you justice to your talents and career. No one can match  your long recording career, and your songs hitting number one, nor hitting The Top 20 Hit List. I could go on and on, but what’s the point, everyone knows this and I’m already listening to your music and I’m sure if someone is reading my post, is also and wants to know more about you, then my rambling on my post, so I just want to say, ” Happy Birthday to you and many more to come !!!


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