Paul McCartney Day

It’s quite easy to play your Beatles songs, and I’m sure that’s what radio stations will play. Not that their great, but theirs more songs you recorded, on your own from the 1970’s through 2016, which I’ll only play today and not just your greatest hits, but every song you wrote after The Beatles will only be played.

I wish your birthday was  during the week so I can play your music to my employees, I do it anyway, but I can make an excuse for it.

Happy Birthday from your number one fan and my second favorite performer (John Lennon will always be my favorite).

I love you for your stay as a Beatle, as a Wing, as a partner with Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Rihanna, I can’t wait for you to perform with next time, for anyone that sings with you, gets me buying their complete albums from iTunes (that’s why I like Rihanna), so keep playing music until the day before you die (I want you to have some time for your retirement), and make your fans happy !!!

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