The Rolling Stones 1976/1978

From 1964-1977 The Rolling Stones made three love albums, but Love You Live is something special. It’s a double LP with only the 1970’s on it, and no Satisfaction on it at all, which is rare.

The Rolling Stones has enough songs of the 1970’s to do alive album, but to make it a double LP, can only make their fans satisfied.

Some Girls LP, is what got me tooked on The Rolling Stones. It’s stupid now, but their was a rumor that The Rolling Stones were homosexual, just because they had lipstick and wig edit it in their photos on their LP, but it was false, of course. The cover of LP and the CD album is different, because when you took out the vinyl, the holes in the cardboard cover of the LP, make the paper folder look different, which the CD cover can’t do.

With Some Girls, I had to know everything about The Rolling Stones, but I was still focus on The Beatles, to give it my all. It took two years for me to focus on The Rolling Stones, but when I did, I never let anyone to get in between The Rolling Stones and myself, that is except for The Beatles, but that goes without saying !!!

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