The Rolling Stones 1984/1986

Between 1964-1966, The Rolling Stones made 2-3 albums a year, which was common in those days. Between 1967-1983 one album per year, which even today performers do, but between 1984-1987, The Rolling Stones didn’t release any album.

Why, because after 20 years, of touring, they needed a vacation from each other and do solo projects.

Mick Jagger released his second album and Keith Richards finally released his first. The future of The Rolling Stones was unsure.

This wasn’t the 1960’s, where The Rolling Stones were treated as gods, the 1980’s were used to bands breaking up into solo or other bands. The 1980’s buying CD’s public knows that if one band or singer isn’t on the charts, then another one will take it’s place. So in the 1980’s generation, The Rolling Stones didn’t matter, but to those who been in the 1960’s and 1970’s did.

By 1986, there were rumors of a new Rolling Stones album, which will be released in 1987. Other then that, this post is meaningless, but I like it and that’s why I’m posted it !!!

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