The Rolling Stones 1988/1990

Ever since Some Girls, I’ve been collecting anything about The Rolling Stones. Unlike The Beatles, which I started to collect in 1973, but wasn’t their when they were together, I was collecting The Rolling Stones from 1978 and I thought I’d be able to buy their albums on the same day it was released, but I kept waiting and waiting for the new album, that never showed. The Beatles announced, their split, but no words from The Rolling Stones.

I started to get interested with The Who at this point, which I was buying anything about The Who (I’ll be texting them soon), The Doors, The Kinks (I’ll also be texting about them soon), The Monkees (soon I’ll be texting them), Aretha Franklin (she be one I’ll be texting soon), Sam Cooke, Otitis Redding, Simon & Garfunkel (I’ll be doing them next),  The Supremes (I’ve already texted about them), Marvin Gaye (I’ve already started on him) and Motown, which this waiting has caused me.

Sometimes, a bad effect turns good, and since I don’t like to wait my money went to someone else. I already have Eric Clapton’s LP (someone else I’ll be texting about) and David Bowie (he’s from the 1960’s, so I’ll be texting him year by year like the others), so for me, this period of The Rolling Stones was a Blessing and not a curse, but I still want a new album from The Rolling Stones, or announcement that they broke up, because the wait was too much for me.

Then came Steel Wheels in 1989 and my wait was over. The album is too long for me to upload, so I hope the next one will be shorten. The only other album that year is The London Years, with all of their albums and 45’s from the 1960’s, which is great to have and I know a true Rolling Stones fans have !!!

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