The Rolling Stones 1990/1992

It’s so hard for me to wait, I take the stairs, because the elevator is too slow to open the doors, waiting for the microwave, longer than five minutes is killing me, so calling for pizza and then watching some mindless speech from Obama (which makes me sick), just to waist time until it comes. I’m even waiting for the iPhone 7, which is coming out in September or October, so waiting for a Rolling Stones album is the worst thing possible, but that’s what I had to do from 1989 until 1991 and when I got my album,  had to wait for another two years for a greatest hits album, which most came from other greatest hits albums. I was so disappointed. It took another two years for another one, will this torcher ever end, I hope so for my next post, will be empty of music and feeling, from me !!!

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