My “17 MacBook Pro Vs. 💩PC Computer

MacBook Pro Vs. PC Computer

I’m going to be unbiased with the difference between the two of them. Although some people might think that’s might so. Just because my seven PC computers accentually fell on my sledgehammer, doesn’t mean that I’m biased against them. After all, I did buy seven 💩PC computers that failed to work after the warranty ran out, and my 17″ MacBook Pro has lasted from the time I bought it seven years ago (2009-Forever). I’m going to text you that I won’t be bias against my 17″MacBook Pro and how I had to retire my sledgehammer, which I named it my PC Tool, what so ever.

If that doesn’t prove how unbiased I will be, then you don’t know what the word means.

First The Endurance Test:

I went on top of a tall building and I dropped a PC computer, and it exploded on the cement below. Then I tried it with my 17″MacBook Pro, I went to the first floor and sat a silk pillow under my 17″MacBook Pro, and nothing happened to it.

That means my 17″ MacBook Pro is much stronger than the PC computer.

Second Turning It On:

To make it fair, I’ll try my 17″ MacBook Pro first, and 💩PC computer afterwards. With my 17″MacBook Pro, all I do is lift the top and it on. With a PC computer, which somehow broke, so I had to get another one, and crack it on by jabbing a tire jack to it and it still won’t turn on.

So it seems that my 17″MacBook Pro is easier to turn on, but to be fair, with a sledgehammer, PC computers turn off quicker.

Third The Programs:

With my 17″MacBook Pro, I have many apps, and with a newly bought PC computer, I had to paint the apps on the screen, which is good, because it didn’t break this time.

Fourth The Weight:

With my 17″MacBook Pro weights 5 pounds, and when you take out the useless parts of a PC computer, and use it as it was built for, a fish tank, weights more when water is filled to the top, but weighs less when you leave it empty.

That wasn’t fair, PC computers have fishes, to look at, but my 17″MacBook Pro don’t have room for anything except for advanced technology. I guess Apple haven’t thought ahead, like the many PC computer companies.

Fifth The Price:

It’s true that my 17″MacBook Pro cost more, if you buy one PC computer, but I had to buy to buy three PC computers for this demonstration, so for me, PC computers costs more.


I found that, my 17″MacBook Pro, without a scratch, is the winner.

Unlike many, I’m the most unbiased man when it comes to computers, and I’m sure that I convince you to get a PC computer, over an Apple, but that because looking at a fish tank, relaxes you, of the many times of worries you might have. If I had known that, then I wouldn’t have to fix the sidewalk, that the PC computer, fell on.

I’ll text you soon, so keep reading and enjoy the music, which is coming soon, on my website !!!

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