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I really am going to have music on my website, but I can’t find the email, that will allow me to do that. It’s what would want me to be here each day.

I’m not wanting to upload songs for you, because no one has ask for it. I’m doing it for me because I want to hear music from my own library, and that’s what really matters to me. I’ll be uploading very soon, and I hope you like my choices.

Since I have over 37,000, I’m sure you would like one or two songs of my iTunes songs and my CD’s.

I know I’ve texted it before, but I’m going to do it by March and I’m more excited about it than I have before.

Anytime I’m doing something new, I’ll let you know about it, but until then, just visit and read my blogs and I’ll try to be here each day and I’ll read all your comments and answer them that same day. So come back each day and see something new !!!

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