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The Guitar Makers That Helped Shapen 60’s


What do Ritchie Blackmore and Jimi Hendrix have in common? They, along with many other famous faces in rock, helped popularize Fender Musical Instruments. The use of Fender’s Stratocaster and Telecaster on many classic albums and in many iconic live performances helped propel them to rock instrument superstardom.

The Gibson Les Paul is perhaps the most famous rock guitar in history. It singlehandedly put Gibson on the Mt. Rushmore of iconic electric guitar manufacturers. It may be more popular today than it was over half a century ago when it was first introduced. Despite the Les Paul’s popularity, Gibson developed lots of other revolutionary designs including the ES-335 and the Flying V that also became staples for many rock and rollers. Read more »

60’s Rock Artists

Could you envision the world without 60’s Rock Artists music, one where the main type of conveying everything that needs to be conveyed would be just by the method for words? Music is a type of craftsmanship, profoundly refreshing around the world, one that empowers us to express our most profound feelings and inward musings. Music makes everything conceivable, and it does not shock anyone that it has the critical influence in many nations and societies. People who love rock will be satisfied to discover that they can discover a lot of data online, and they can listen to shake radio for whatever length of time that they satisfy. Read more »

The Carpenters 1950/1960

Like other children, their age, playing records and singing to them and maybe become professional singers, but never thought of it ever happened, but what Richard and Karen Carpenters didn’t know was that it’s going to be true for them, because they turned a dream into reality in just a four more years, but they still have homework from high school to do !!!

The Carpenters 1946/1950

The Carpenters were both born at Grace-New Haven Hospital (now called Yale-New Haven Hospital) in New Haven, Connecticut, to parents Harold and Agnes. Richard Lynn was born on October 15, 1946, and Karen Anne followed on March 2, 1950.Richard was a quiet child who spent most of his time in the house listening to records and playing the piano. Karen, on the other hand, was friendly and outgoing; she liked to play sports, including softball with the neighborhood kids, but she also spent a lot of time listening to music.

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame


There is an unusual and brilliantly formed building known as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. It isn’t in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Memphis. The building is sited in the home of rock and roll, which is….Cleveland Ohio. The ultra current building is a piece of the city’s North Coast harbor, has seven stories and has entertained more than 7 million guests since opening in 1995, so what ‘s everything about?

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation was made in 1983. At first the establishment had no base; New York City was a conspicuous decision as was Memphis, yet Cleveland was the venue for the primary ever Rock and Roll show, the Moon Dog Coronation Ball (held in 1952) and subsequently Cleveland was picked as the venue for the Hall of Fame’s historical center. Read more »


Wow, my first 20 years !!!

Your might wonder why I’m I have done 1940-1959 when this website is called, well I figured that my Rock’N’Roll heroes grew up in the 1940’s and 1950’s, thy might have listened to these preformers and was inspired to write songs and play instruments, so how can I truly text about the 1960’s without texting about the 1940’s and 1950’s. So let me continue until 1940, so I can text about the 1960’s 1970’s and 1980’s, for the 1960’s inspired and changed the music and entertainment for decades to come !!!


i guess they were some songs in 1950, but I can’t find any that I would want to text about !!!


Nothing to report !!!


The reason why I’m doing the 1950’s, is that

  1. what was in the 1950’s that made up Rock’N’Roll and I can’t find anything to text about.
  2. Because a friend bet me to find something, which I can’t.



I tried to listen to the the music of 1952 and I fell asleep !!!

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