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The Carpenters 1950/1960

Like other children, their age, playing records and singing to them and maybe become professional singers, but never thought of it ever happened, but what Richard and Karen Carpenters didn’t know was that it’s going to be true for them, because they turned a dream into reality in just a four more years, but they still have homework from high school to do !!!

Pre 60’s

To understand how the 1960’s became to be, we must first text about the 1950’s. You heard about how Rock’N’Roll got started, so I won’t bore you with that. After all, this website is of the 1960’s, however the 1950’s made it possible for the 1960’s to begin. The 1950’s started with racism. Not the songs, but the way Black preformers were treated by radio and music industry. There was songs written and recorded by Black preformers, but after they recorded the songs, music companies would get White preformers to sing it and make more money for the music company. Some songs were better preformed by Black singers like Big Mama Thornton singing Hound Dog than Elves Presley version. Have you ever heard of a man calling a woman Hound Dog ???

he may call her as ugly as a dog, but never a Hound Dog, which makes Elves Presley’s version as nothing more than a novelty song. However women have said their boyfriend is a Hound Dog and it makes better sense of the lyrics for a woman to sing it.

do you remember Fats Domino’s Ain’t That A Shame well the music company that had Fats Domino also had Pat Boone and it’s funny to see Pat Boone singing it.

Why I’m texting this, is because it went on in the beginning of the 1960’s but the Black preformers had more hits with their music and the Times Were Changing. At the end of the 1950’s preformers of both colors were either dead or leaving the music business. Little Richard found God and became straight and preaching the Bible, Elves Presley was drafted, Carl Perkings lost time finding another drummer, Jerry Lee Lewis was founded out that he married his 13 year old niece. Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper both died from a plane crashed. So their wasn’t anyone to fill the gap for the next decade. That’s where I’ll stop for today, catch the next post to see what what happens next !!!


Ain’t That A Shame-Pat Boone

Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing-Four Aces

Band Of Gold-Don Cherry

Angle In The Sky-The Crew Cuts

Suddenly There’s A Valley-Gogi Grant

The Great Pretender-The Platters

The Lord Is Busy Man-The Merry Macs

Earth Angel-The Penguins

Only You-The Hilltoppers

Moments To Remember-The Four Lads


The Green Door-Jim Lowe

Ain’t Got No Home-Clarence “Fogman” Henry

My Prayer-The Platters

Just Walking In The Rain-Johnny Ray

Standing In The Corner-The Four Lads

The Fool-Sanford Clark

I Almost Lost My Mind-Pat Boone

The Wayward Wind-Gogi Grant

Singing The Blues-Guy Mitchell

Little Girl Of Mine-The Cleftons


At The Hop-Danny & The Juniors

Come Go With Me-The Del-Vikings

Party Doll-Boddy Knox

Honeycomb-Jimmi Rodgers

My Special Angel-Bobby Helms

LoveLetters In The Sand-Pat Boone

Little Darlin’-The Diamond

Searchin’-The Coasters

Mr. Lee-The Bobbettes

Keep A Knockin’-Little Richard


Good Golly Miss Molly-Little Richard

Willie And The Hand Jive-Johnny Otis

Rockin’ Robin-Bobby Day

Little Star-The Elegants

Do You Wanna Dance-Bobby Freeman

Just A Dream-Jimmy Clanton

Stagger Lee-Lloyd Price

16 Candles-Johnny Maestro

Rebel Rouser-Duane

Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay-Danny & Juniors


Charlie Brown-The Coasters

Personality-Lloyd Price

Come Softly To Me-The Fleetwoods

It’s Just A Matter Of Time-Brook Benton

Teen Angel-Guy Mitchell

Heartache By The Numbers-

Go Jimmy Go-Jimmy Clanton

The Happy Organ-Dave “Baby” Cortez

Love Potion 9-The Covers

We Got Love-Bobby Rydell

Even though every songs, every singer and every musical groups was popular in the 1950’s, none survived in the 1960’s. The only exception was Elvis Presley, In The Ghetto, at the end of the 1960’s (1969), other than that, the music that inspired the musicians of the 1960’s were gone from the 1960’s and haven’t been heard until the 1970’s

I like the 1950’s music and sometimes I played them, but I grew up and have wall to wall of every kind of music from 1960’s (January 1,1960-December 31,1969), which I’ll be texting about. If there is, then I just ruin it for him, for these two months is all that’s worth texting about !!!


the last year of the decade saw no real hit songs, for they weren’t anything worth listening to. Except for a handful of songs, (I count three) not much is played any longer. Rock’N’Roll was no longer as important as it was back two years earlier.

When Elvis Presley was on The Ed Sullivan Show he shakes his hips and for the second show he was only shown from the wast up. Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino, and more, made it on the charts, when only white singers was supposed to be. Teenagers bought 45’s listen to, be popular, or to get on their parents nerves.

1959 their wasn’t any non whites in the Top 10, their wasn’t anything offensive, it was as though Rock’N’Roll wasn’t invented. That was dark times for Rock’N’Roll and it needed transplant as soon as possible.

However from 1959-1963 except for Beach Music and Bubble Gum Music (I’ll text you about that later), their wasn’t much there to listen to, but the teenage girls just the Teen Idols and that’s what kept the music going until The Beatles landed in The USA and gave back Rock’N’Roll which was lost to The American people !!!


Wow, my first 20 years !!!

Your might wonder why I’m I have done 1940-1959 when this website is called, well I figured that my Rock’N’Roll heroes grew up in the 1940’s and 1950’s, thy might have listened to these preformers and was inspired to write songs and play instruments, so how can I truly text about the 1960’s without texting about the 1940’s and 1950’s. So let me continue until 1940, so I can text about the 1960’s 1970’s and 1980’s, for the 1960’s inspired and changed the music and entertainment for decades to come !!!


American Rock’N’Roll was fading fast, but British Rock’N’Roll was gaining strength.

With the talent of Buddy Holly, the only singer with glasses and writing his own music, their was hope that the 1960’s was going to be better than ever, but with his death, that hope was gone.

Record companies enjoyed the cash flow that Rock’N’Roll was giving them, but no longer was given to them. RCA still had new music from Elves Presley, but he wasn’t in The USA to promote it.

Record promoters went and found good looking teenagers to sing the songs which they thought would make a hit record. Pat Boone was the only singer of Rock’N’Roll music so they used him as a model for the new singers.

Elvs Presley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, just to name a few, had long hair, but combed in the style of the 1950’s. The new singers, had short hair, with no talent and sang water down Rock’N’Roll songs.

American Rock’N’Roll had Frankie Alalon, Fabian, Rick Nelson and Annette Funicello  just to name the more popular singers. However Great Britain was borsting with talent. The Silver Beatles, The Rolling Stones, High Numbers (later became The Who), Garry And The Pacemakers, The Animals, The Zombies, Herman Hermits just to name a few but not all The talent groups. Great Britain was about to release music that USA abandoned just a year ago and when the invasion comes, it will change everything that what came before and is still having an effect even to this day and will continue into the next century, for this is the reason why I have this website in the first place, so enjoy the ride, because for it be a bumpy ride for some and a smooth ride for us all !!!


American Rock’N’Roll was falling its momentum in the year 1957.

As as I texted you before, Rock ‘N’ Roll had several people in either plan crash, found religion or went willing to the army, but those that was still around, was falling in the charts. If your not in the top 10, then you were nowhere and that’s what happened to Bill Haley & His Comets. Bill Haley’s popularity was falling in The USA, however he had a Following in Great Britain, so he and the Comets flew to England and played for his fans. His fans like his music, but was turned off by his age. So he went back to The USA and tried to restart his career.

Their was a Teddy Boy that got it in his head that he can play Rock ‘N’ Roll better than Bill Haley can and that’s when John Lennon, who was that Teddy Boy, started to play Skiffle Music !!!


i know your here for 1960’s music and so far I’m texting about 1950’s. Have you seen the new Star Wars film before you seen the other six, have you read the seventh Harry Potter book before the other six novels, or do you want to start from the beginning ???

believe it or not, 1960’s started in 1956, that’s when John Lennon heard Elves Presley for the first time and if you don’t know that John Lennon and everyone else in the 1960’s wasn’t influence by 1950’s, then who influenced them ???

this month is my first month of having this website and since it is my site, I can text about anything, whenever I want and for now, I’ll be texting about 1950’s, but not for long. I love 1960’s, but everyone and everything has a beginning.

The Beatles didn’t just walk in a studio and started to record, and never did The Rolling Stones, The Who and Bob Dylan. They had the talent, but not the motivation to do anything about it. They didn’t know anything that was coming their way, for no one can say, that they knew what was going to happen in their lives.

Since The Beatles started in 1957, you could say that I should have untitled my website and I guess I shouldn’t have The Rolling Stones and The Who on here as well, but don’t worry, I’ll sneak them on my site, somehow LOL !!!


This is the year that bordered on the generation rthat grew up from the 1940’s withdrew Frank Sinatra as The Chairman Of The Board and the 1950’s with Elvis Presley as The King Of Rock’N’Roll.

I don’t know if they ever met, but the two have a fan base and sing in Los Vegas and The Bobby Soxers and The RockNRollers have merged into one when it comes to hear them sing in Vegas !!!

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