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This year has some great songs from Ben E. King And The Drifters Stand By Me and Etta James At Last, but that’s all, or that I like. It’s just enough to let me know that I was born on a good year, not great, just good. TV shows fared better. The Dick Van Dyke Show is one of my favorites, so as theirs nothing on the radio, I’ll watch Dick Van Dyke In one of the funniest TV shows ever made and come back for 1962, the films were better and I’ll tell you about it.

The only thing that truly did happen in 1961 was that The Beatles made a LP as a backup band. Tony Sherman was a big name in Hamburg, Germany and The Beatles were unknown group from Liverpool, England and was created as The Beatman !!!


I love the 1960’s, but I can only say one thing about 1960 and that is My Parents got married. Seeing that Elvis Presley is back from the Army, I thought it would be a great year, but it wasn’t. Elvis Presley went into movies, which even he doesn’t like. 33 movies that bomb in the box office and the only thing that came out of it was Beach Blanket Bingo as well as movies that wanted to be as good as they were and they were bad and Elvis Presley was leading the way to the worst movies ever. Every singer that I have mentioned on my website, so far (Bobby Vinton, Bill Haley And His Comets, Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Annette Funicello, and Rick Nelson), bought from iTunes just to see why their fans like them, but I will not go and watch any movie that makes The Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes look good and I already wish I hadn’t of bought anyone of those teen idols albums.

1960’s is a great decade for music, but not 1960. However, if you like Bubble Gum Music, then it starts this year of 1960 and if you don’t, to bad for that’s the next blog I’m going to do. I want to text about everything about the 1960’s and good or bad, I must text about everything, but 1960 isn’t much to text about. No music, nor movies came out of 1960 and I’m glad I wasn’t born yet, so I’ll see you in the next blog that I’ll be posting my post that I’ll blog with !!!


The USA Rock’N’Roll Music was fading, since 1960 with Elvis Presley going in the army and Buddy Holly died in a plane crash, however when The Beatles came to The USA, for Girl Groups to surviv, songs had to have the name of The Beatles in it, just to be on the top 20 charts. Seeing that The Beatles had between 5 to 7 songs on the top ten, it was hard for anyone to get on it.

In The Revolutionary War, The USA won the wa, but in 1964, The Beatles, Herman Hermits, Gerry And The Pacemakers, Manfred Mann and more, took The I USA back to The UK and The USA, never faught The UK to be free again. British Rock still influenced the music of today.

Rap is trash and in time, won’t be around much longer, but British Rock will continue to influence generation to come.

When 1964 ended, Girl Groups, were finished. The only one that stood was The Supremes and other Girl Groups that were with Motown. However even Motown was prepared for The Beatles, so Motown started to sing Beatles music to get any hits.

Beach Boys, Jan & Dean and Elvis Presley didn’t get much radio time. Only a new singer by the name of Otis Redding came out of 1964 without any scars, but even he couldn’t keep up with The Beatles.

Sam Cooke was murdered that year, so I wonder what he would do, had he lived.

Right now, I’m listening to The Beatles, and thinking of 1965, for that is another ball game and new groups, which will give a Generation, it’s Satisfaction !!!

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