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  1. Call Me-Blondie
  2. Fame-Irene Cara
  3. Working My Way Back To You/Forgive-The Spinners
  4. Funkytown-Lipps, Inc.
  5. Little Jeannie-Elton John
  6. Upside Down-Diana Rose
  7. He’s So Shy-The Pointer Sisters
  8. Please Don’t Go-KC & The Sunshine Band
  9. Do That To Me One More Time-Captain & Tennille
  10. Take Your Time (Do It Right), Pt. 1
  11. Bette David Eyes-Kim Carnes
  12. Jessie’s Girl-Rick Springfield
  13. The One That You Love-Air Supply
  14. The Tide Is High-Blondie
  15. Physical-Olivia Newton-John
  16. 9 To 5-Dolly Parton
  17. Queen Of Hearts-Juice Newton
  18. Kiss On My List-Daryl & John Oates
  19. Being With You-Smokey Robinson
  20. Celebration-Kool & The Gang
  21. Harden My Heart-Quarterflash
  22. Rosanna-Toto
  23. Eye In The Sky-The Alan Parsons Project
  24. Gloria-Laura Branigan
  25. Who Can It be Now?-Men At Work
  26. Open Arms-Journey
  27. Don’t Talk To Strangers-Rick Springfield
  28. Maneater-Daryl Hall & John Oates
  29. Up Where We Belong-Joe Crocker/Jennifer Warnes
  30. Centerfold-J. Geils Band
  31. Down Under-Men At Work
  32. Africa-Toto
  33. Stray Cat Strut-Stray Cats
  34. Maniac-Michael Sembello
  35. Electric Avenue-Eddy Grant
  36. True-Spandau Ballet
  37. Total Eclipse Of The Heart-Bonnie Tyler
  38. Jeopardy-Greg Kilin Band
  39. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me-Culture Club
  40. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All-Air Supply
  41. Owner Of A Heart-Yes
  42. Ghostbusters-Ray Parker, Jr.
  43. Talking In Your Sleep-The Romantics
  44. Jump (For My Love)-The Pointer Sisters
  45. Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)-Billy Ocean
  46. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go-Wham!
  47. Let’s Heart It For The Boy-Deniece Williams
  48. Karma Chameleon-Culture Club
  49. Hold Me Now-Thompson Twins
  50. What’s Love Got To Do With It-Tina Turner

Impressive list, but other than the performers that I texted about, but the others are considered One Hit Wonders. These One Hit Wonders of 1980-1984, have been forgotten like the performers that sung them. I lived through the 1980’s and not even I remembered them and the songs they recorded. I’m sure they were popular then, but now they have 9 to 5 jobs and their only footnotes in some book that might have been out of print. That’s a shame, but that’s what happens when you don’t  adapt to the times, you are forgotten and in some yard sale where your CD’s end up in.

If you don’t believe me, then try to find a CD of them. Check out or, you might find their CD’s and prices are like their giving them away. If you find their CD’s, you’ll end up throwing it in the trash, because their not worth the pennies you paid for it.

If you like the 1980’s, then read the post that I texted, buy some great songs and don’t waste your time on the others, because you’ll regret it if you do !!!


At Last, I’m finally done my second 20 years.

You probably are wondering why I did the 1970’s and 1980’s, since this website is about 1960’s, well it’s like this, 1960’s effected the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s 2000’s, 2010’s and so on (1990-2016, I won’t do), that it was important to text you about it.

Like 1940-1959, effected the preformers and writers to create great music, the 1960-1969, effected 1970-2016 and it’s still having an effect today, that I should text you about it as well.

1970’s is when I listen to music and really got into it. For the record, I was into the 1950’s Rock’N’Roll, before American Graffiti, American Hot Wax and Happy Days and I was first in the 1980’s to get into the 1960’s. When I texted that, I mean in my neighborhood and in school (for which I was bullyed for), I set a tread that my uneducated classmates knew nothing about.

1970-1989, had the full inspired by the 1960’s and the 1990-2016 just waisted it by allowing Rap Music to continue, which killed what was left of great music, so that theirs nothing to text about.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to the 1960’s and I’ll stay there for the rest of the time I own this website, which will be forever !!!


This was the year that Rock’N’Roll did something for charity, for Africa !!!


By 1983, all but Blondie, of New Wave Music, left the music industry and hook 9 to 5 jobs and no one took their place.

No new singers and groups were formed in 1980’s, that didn’t break up within a year. The 1980’s did have good music, but from this moment on, none remembered able, or have been dated, so that’s why Garbage Bands (I meant  Garage Band, no, I really mean garbage and I can’t believe that anyone would listen to it, or buy any of their CD’s), just started (and end), in the 1980’s. Only The Rolling Stones survived and went into the 1990’s without a scratch !!!


Yoko Ono goes solo with LP’s and the first was her cry out her pain, with the front cover with John Lennon’s glasses with blood on it and later that year, she cut her hair and placed it next to John Lennon’s ashes.

Go-Go’s made it big with Lip’s Our Sealed, Punk was fading and New Wave was turning into Pop Music. The 1960’s was popular in the 1980’s, which brought it back into the top 20 hits, with the 1980’s performers singing 1960’s music. Of course having The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, Moody Blues and Jefferson (Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship) still touring and recording new music !!!


Everyone was still trying to get over John Lennon’s death. It’s was George Harrison that got Paul McCarney and Ringo Starr together to record All Those Years Ago, which he wrote, as a tribute to His former Beatles member John Lennon. Paul McCartney did one later that year. Ringo Starr was going to record a song that John Lennon wrote Life Begins At 40, which John Lennon was going to record with him a week after he was shot. Ringo Starr still haven’t record it, but seeing that John and Ringo were born in the same year (1940), it Would’ve had the same meaning for the both of them !!!




That’s what the newspaper reported and when that happened, my life was over and a new life, a Christian life, began !!!

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