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Find a CD with greatest hits of the 1990’s and I’m sure that 45 single can tell you more about the 1990’s than I could. It’s not that their was any talent, which the preformers had none, it’s that their weren’t any songs to sing along.

I don’t have to be from the ghetto, to like the song In The Ghetto, I don’t have to be a woman to like I Am Woman and I don’t have to be crazy to like There Coming To Take Me Away Haha, so why must I be black to like and understand Rap Music ???

Rap Music puts down women and people that are White, so what is there to understand ???

I don’t like Rap Music and like Heavy Metal Music, it’s now watered down to get more fan base to get into it. Most people that are White, bought the CD’s of Rap Music, for if they haven’t, Rap Music would not continue after a few years.

I don’t like Barry Manilow, but I know his songs and I could sing along, but if I’m in the wrong neighborhood and I sing a Rap Song, which appears to have the “N” word, I’d be beaten up or killed. I’m not sure why that word is in every song, that I heard of (in my work are of my real job), and the ones that know me, knows that I like to sing along the words, so how can I work with a bloody, a fat lip and a crack rib everyday ???

so far I haven’t sung any songs of Rap Music and I haven’t been beaten up, but since I’m not a person that is Black, I can’t sing what I hear on the radio.

If you would is offensive, to yourself, then why say it to others and in my case, in a song ???

The true reason why I don’t like the 1990’s, is I can’t sing along to the music, because I’m not the same skin shade as the ones that sing it. I’m glad I got out of 1999 without a scratch and hoping that the 2000’s would be better for everyone to sing along and be like it was, with peace love and happiness of the 1960’s and 1970’s !!!


I investigated 1998 and I found nothing that I like and seeing that it’s my website, I choose what should be on it. Since I found nothing for this year (1992,1994 and 1998), I choose not to text about it !!!


I didn’t know that I found, one singer (no groups), for each year (except for 1992 and 1994), that I’m doing, for each singer.  Beyoncé And P!nk survived until the next generation, so that isn’t enough to get into the 1990’s. If I had done, I’d be done in a week and close up shop.

I’m only going to do the 1990’s until tomorrow, when I’ll just do only the 1960’s and nothing else !!!


I’m reaching with this year and I know that I shouldn’t be doing it, but I have done six years of 1990′, I thought I would should do this year. I accidentally bought Bobby V on iTunes, by accident, however I started to listen to the words in the video and it was very entertaining to me, so I had to buy an album and I’m playing it now. I guess 1990’s aren’t as bad as I thought. Although, one singer, doesn’t change my mind about the 1990’s and I wouldn’t recommend the decade to anyone !!!


I don’t like 1990’s music, for the most part, their wasn’t anything original. If you didn’t like Rap Music, then you wouldn’t like 1990’s music.

With P!nk was the only original and entertaining singer of the 1990’s and that’s why I even text about the 1990’s.

In 1995, I thought I was wrong about 1990’s, only one performer doesn’t change my mind about 1990’s music, so after I listen to P!nk, I’m going back to 1960’s and stay there !!

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