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The Teddy Bears


Los Angeles, United States
Genres Pop
Years active 1958–1959
Labels Era Records
Past members
Phil Spector
Marshall Leib
Annette Kleinbard
Sandy Nelson
Harvey Goldstein

The Teddy Bears were an American pop music group. They were record producer Phil Spector’s first vocal group.

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The Chambers Brothers



Origin Los Angeles, California
Genres Psychedelic soul, funk, rock, psychedelic rock, R&B, gospel
Years active 1954–1972, 1974–present
Labels Vault, Columbia, Avco, Roxbury
Past members George Chambers
Joe Chambers
Lester Chambers
Willie Chambers
Brian Keenan
The Chambers Brothers are an American soul band, best known for its eleven-minute long 1968 hit “Time Has Come Today”. The group was part of the wave of new music that integrated American blues and gospel traditions with modern psychedelic and rock elements. Their music has been kept alive through heavy use in film soundtracks.

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Les Paul & Mary Ford

Les Paul and Mary Ford were a popular 1950s husband-and-wife/group musical team in which Les Paul played the guitar and Mary Ford sang. In 1951 alone, they sold six million records.

The Limeliters

Origin New York City, New York
United States
Genres Folk, roots
Years active 1959–1965, 1981–present
Labels Elektra, RCA Victor, Warner Bros., Stax, Essex, GNP, Folk Era, Brass Dolphin, West Knoll, Taragon/BMG
Website Limeliters official site
Members Gaylan Taylor
Don Marovich
Andy Corwin
Past members Alex Hassilev
Darcie Deaville
Lou Gottlieb
Glenn Yarbrough
Ernie Sheldon
Red Grammer
Rick Dougherty
Bill Zorn
Mack Bailey
John David
Geoffrey Pike
Roger McGuinn
The Limeliters are an American folk music group, formed in July 1959 by Lou Gottlieb (bass violin/bass), Alex Hassilev (banjo/baritone), and Glenn Yarbrough (guitar/tenor). The group was active from 1959 until 1965, when they disbanded. After a hiatus of sixteen years Yarbrough, Hassilev, and Gottlieb reunited and began performing again as The Limeliters in reunion tours. On a regular basis a continuation The Limeliters group is still active and performing. Gottlieb died in 1996 and Hassilev, the last founding member who had remained active in the group, has retired, leaving the group to carry on without any of the original members.

Chad Mitchell Trio


United States
Genres Folk
Years active 1959–1967, 1987, 2005–2014
Labels Colpix, Kapp, Mercury, Reprise
Past members Chad Mitchell
Mike Kobluk
Mike Pugh
Joe Frazier
John Denver
David Boise
Michael Johnson
The Chad Mitchell Trio – later known as The Mitchell Trio – were a North American vocal group who became known during the 1960s. They performed traditional folk songs and some of their own compositions. They were particularly notable for performing satirical songs that criticized current events during the time of the cold war, the civil rights movement, and the Vietnam War, in a less subtle way than the typical folk music and singer-songwriter musicians of their time.

Paul McCartney Day

It’s quite easy to play your Beatles songs, and I’m sure that’s what radio stations will play. Not that their great, but theirs more songs you recorded, on your own from the 1970’s through 2016, which I’ll only play today and not just your greatest hits, but every song you wrote after The Beatles will only be played.

I wish your birthday was  during the week so I can play your music to my employees, I do it anyway, but I can make an excuse for it.

Happy Birthday from your number one fan and my second favorite performer (John Lennon will always be my favorite).

I love you for your stay as a Beatle, as a Wing, as a partner with Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Rihanna, I can’t wait for you to perform with next time, for anyone that sings with you, gets me buying their complete albums from iTunes (that’s why I like Rihanna), so keep playing music until the day before you die (I want you to have some time for your retirement), and make your fans happy !!!

Happy Birthday Paul McCartney

June 18, 1942 (74)

It’s hard to find anyone not knowing who you are. It’s also hard to find someone that doesn’t like your music.

You record with The Beatles, The Wings, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Rihanna and you went solo as well. You write songs for other performers and Yesterday is still the most recorded song in history. You don’t deserve a day, you deserve a week or a month. I can’t begin to describe how you meant to me since 1973 until now and with all your songs, how can I play them all today, when theirs so many of them to listen to.

Your a legend in your lifetime, for you given us joy, laugher and love in your songs, and this post doesn’t give you justice to your talents and career. No one can match  your long recording career, and your songs hitting number one, nor hitting The Top 20 Hit List. I could go on and on, but what’s the point, everyone knows this and I’m already listening to your music and I’m sure if someone is reading my post, is also and wants to know more about you, then my rambling on my post, so I just want to say, ” Happy Birthday to you and many more to come !!!


Paul Revere & The Raiders


The band in 1967. Front L–R: Paul Revere, Mike Smith. Center L–R: Jim Valley, Mark Lindsay. Back: Phil Volk

Also known as The Downbeats
Origin Boise, Idaho, U.S.
Genres Pop rock, rock and roll, garage rock, protopunk
Years active 1958–1976, 1978–present
Labels Columbia
Past members Paul Revere †
Mark Lindsay
Robert White †
Richard White †
William Hibbard
Dick McGarvin
Red Hughes
David Bell
Jerry Labrum †
Andrea Loper
Mike “Smitty” Smith †
Ross Allemang
Steve West
Dick Walker
Charlie Coe
Drake “Kid” Levin †
Mike “Doc” Holliday
Phil “Fang” Volk
Jim “Harpo” Valley
Freddy Weller
Joe Correro, Jr.
Keith Allison
Omar Martinez
Robert Wooley
Blair Hill
Michael Bradley
Carlo Driggs
Doug Heath
Ron Foos
Danny Krause
Jamie Revere
Darren Dowler
Tommy Scheckel

Paul Revere & the Raiders was an American rock band that saw considerable U.S. mainstream success in the second half of the 1960s and early 1970s. Among their hits were the songs “Kicks” (1966; ranked No. 400 on Rolling Stone’s list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time), “Hungry” (1966), “Him Or Me – What’s It Gonna Be?” (1967) and the Platinum-certified classic No. 1 single “Indian Reservation” (1971).

Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones

The Sparkletones (sometimes credited as Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones) were an American rock and roll/rockabilly group from Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Daniel Boone (Singer)

Daniel Boone (also known as Peter Lee Stirling, born Peter Charles Green, 31 July 1942, Birmingham, England) is an English pop musician who became a one-hit wonder in the US with the single “Beautiful Sunday” in 1972. The song was written by Boone and Rod McQueen and sold over two million copies worldwide. It peaked at number 15 on The Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the summer of 1972, having already reached number 21 on the UK Singles Chart earlier that same year. In 1972, Boone was the recipient of the “Most Likeable Singer” award from Rolling Stone magazine.

Peter Green (later to become Peter Lee Stirling) started his career as the guitarist and vocalist with a band called the Beachcombers that played gigs in the Birmingham area during the period from 1958 to 1962. Their fortunes changed when they encountered Tommy Bruce, who had a number 3 hit in 1960 with “Ain’t Misbehavin”. This, and some subsequent releases, had been attributed to ‘Tommy Bruce and the Bruisers’, despite the fact that the instrumental backings were provided by session musicians at EMI. Bruce’s account of the meeting was as follows:

“I met them up in Birmingham. They were working at the Plaza club. I was gigging there. They were great. Vocal, backing, the lot. Especially Pete (Peter Green) on lead guitar. He was magnificent. I said ‘how would you like to become The Bruisers?’ They jumped in and loved it. Peter “Mac” McGinty was on bass (born Peter Julian McGinty, 16 August 1941, Birmingham, Warwickshire), Donald McGinty was on drums (born 23 June 1946, Birmingham, Warwickshire), Bobby Coral, (born John Ship, 1 September 1940, Birmingham, Warwickshire), was on backing vocals with Pete Green”.

The Bruisers started their recording career at EMI with Bruce and his manager Barry Mason, who later became a famous songwriter. Peter Green released a solo recording of a song called “My Heart Commands Me” under the name ‘Lee Stirling’ in March 1963. Mason and (the now renamed) Stirling then collaborated on what was for both of them their first songwriting effort. Mason recalls this as follows:

“The first person I wrote with was Peter Lee Stirling, who later became Daniel Boone and was originally Peter Green. He was with a group called The Beachcombers, who became The Bruisers, who backed Tommy Bruce! And my first chart thing ever was a thing called “Blue Girl” for The Bruisers, which I wrote with Peter”.

“Blue Girl” was released on 11 July 1963, and entered the UK charts on 8 August, eventually reaching number 31. On the strength of this hit, the band appeared on the Thank Your Lucky Stars television show on 26 October, performing the follow up “I Could If I Wanted To”. This was probably the only TV appearance of the Bruisers as a group, although Peter Lee Stirling appeared solo on later editions of the programme, and also on Ready Steady Go!. “I Could if I Wanted To” and the subsequent releases, “Your Turn To Cry” and “I Believe”, were unsuccessful. The first use of the full name ‘Peter Lee Stirling’ was in 1964 on “Sad, Lonely and Blue”, but none of the eight records issued between 1964 and 1970 under this name entered the UK chart. However, Stirling went on to write or co-write “I Think of You” and “Don’t Turn Around”, both of which were hits for The Merseybeats, and co-wrote “I Belong” for Kathy Kirby, which came second in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965.

The Bruisers broke up in 1967 and Stirling became the co-owner, with Bernard Mattimore, of a recording studio in London’s Whitechapel Road, which specialised in covering contemporary chart material. He subsequently joined the studio band ‘Hungry Wolf’ for one album, and when they became ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ he worked with them for a further two albums. He also wrote musical scores for the films Groupie Girl and Goodbye Gemini.

In 1971, Peter Green joined Larry Page’s Penny Farthing record label (Penny Farthing Records) as a singer/songwriter and changed his stage name from Peter Lee Stirling to Daniel Boone, after the American folk-hero. His first release for the label was a ballad called “Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast”, written by Geoff Stephens and Peter Callander and it rewarded him with his first, and only, top-twenty hit in the UK, peaking at number 17. Boone then collaborated with Rod McQueen, another songwriter working for Penny Farthing, to produce the follow up. The result was “Mamma”, which failed to make any impact on the charts.

What happened next is explained by Terry Noon who, at that time, was the managing director of the Penny Farthing Publishing Company:

“The two writers, Daniel Boone and Rod McQueen, had been signed to us for some time, and one morning they came into my office saying, “We’ve written this great song”. And I said, “Sure, fine sit down and have a cup of tea”. And they said, “No, really, we’ve got to play you this song”. So I buzzed Larry Page and he said, “I’m coming up”. Now we used to have a little room with a piano in it, and it really was little. The four of us went into this room and it was crowded. And Daniel Boone sat down at the piano and started thumping out this tune and they both sang, although some of the lyrics weren’t finished, and Larry was just standing there and when it was finished he said, “That’s a hit, I’m going to record that next week”. And he turned to me, and I said, “Yeah, I think it’s a smash”. And I really did. It was the excitement of the whole thing. We were in a tiny confined space; Daniel was really banging away at the piano. They were singing out really loud. You could tell it, you could feel it, the little hairs on the back of your neck were standing out. And there was the speed of the whole thing. We’d heard it one week and it was recorded the following week. Then Larry decided to rush it out”.

The record was “Beautiful Sunday”. It was released in March 1972 and rose to number 21 in the UK Singles Chart. It fared rather better in the US peaking at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also made the charts in Australia and New Zealand (gold record), Argentina, Belgium, France, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Germany. Boone became particularly popular in Germany, and released versions of “Beautiful Sunday” and the follow up, “Annabelle”, in German. “Beautiful Sunday” held the number one position in Germany from May to late June 1972.

“Beautiful Sunday” remains the biggest selling single by an international artist on the Japanese Oricon chart (coming in 19th on the all-time singles sales list with almost two million copies sold).The song was recorded in Brazilian Portuguese by the Brazilian singer Angelo Maximo,under the title: Domingo Feliz (Happy Sunday) and also was recorded by the Brazilian pop band Renato e seus Blue Caps, Angelo Maximo became a smash hit, but Renato E seus Blue Caps did not chart, also Daniel Boone never was released in Brazil. The song was translated into Russian and covered by the Russian pop group Чиж и Ко, becoming a hit on the Russian Music Charts in 1996.

It has also become a popular song among fans of Scottish football club Dundee United. Boone is known to be a lifelong Dundee United fan, and has tried to invest in the club on several occasions. Boone and McQueen also wrote “Blue Is The Colour”, the football anthem for Chelsea.

Boone has continued his career as a composer and, in 1992, he collaborated with Larry Page to provide The Troggs with two songs for their Athens Andover album (“Tuned into Love” and “Hot Stuff”).

In 2016 Boone was arrested at his home for illegally subletting a council property, using false identities for more than 20 years, as part of filming for the BBC tv series “Council House Crackdown.” Boone was evicted and the property returned to public use shortly after.

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