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Creedence Clearwater Revival


They may not have actually been “born on the bayou” but there’s no doubt that Creedence Clearwater Revival were one of the top bands to come out of the 60’s. Hauling from San Francisco and often known simply as “Creedence” or “CCR”, Creedence Clearwater Revival featured singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist John Fogerty, rhythm guitarist Tom Fogerty, drummer Doug Clifford, and bass player Stu Cook. The band formed in 1967 and were originally called the The Blue Velvets before changing their name to The Golliwogs and eventually to Creedence. Honing their own unique mix of blues, southern rock, and roots rock they saw early success with their cover of the popular song “Suzie Q”.


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A Few Great Songs From a Great Decade


Everyone who grew up in the 1960’s has their own personal favorite song. The Cold War with the Soviet Union, the Civil Rights Movement, Woodstock, and the Vietnam War all occurred during this very emotional decade. Rock ‘n roll was changing too, and some of that revolutionary music just can’t be denied the title of “the greatest rock ‘n’ roll of the 1960’s”. Let’s take a look at a few of those songs.

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The Beatles


The Beatles a band whose inception happened almost 50 years ago are still very relevant to date. They started out in Liverpool, England in 1960 with members Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Pete Best and George Harrison the band made such a compelling sound with so much youthful appeal. They experimented with several genres such as pop ballads, and Indian music to hard rock often incorporating classical elements in innovative ways.

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The Who Rock Band Still Rocks!


The Who bock band, a popular rock band from Great Britain, became one of the legends of the 1960’s. Their classic rock style continues to shake scenes for the young and young at heart. The Who Rock Band still performs and concert tickets can be purchased anywhere from $139.00 up to around $800.00.

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The Best Rolling Stones Songs – Top 5 And Why


1) “Sympathy For The Devil” from Beggar’s Banquet (1968)

This song is sung in first person with Jaggar taking the role of the devil. The catchy “Woo woooo” background vocals will carry you along as the beat rolls this masterpiece forward. “Pleased meet you. Hope you guessed my name.” As per usual for The Rolling Stones, the lyrics alone are a stand-alone work of art.

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