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The Rolling Stones 1974/1976

As new performers make a hit song and then fade away, The Rolling Stones were making many hits and their followers were getting stronger.

With the Metamorphons album, The Rolling Stones have two hit songs, but the whole album, which they played in concerts for the rest of their career, and their fans sort after and is still a fan favorite.

With the Made In The Shade, it was even better for The Rolling Stones, Brown Surgar, It’s Only Rock’N’Roll and Angie blew the up and coming performers away into One Hit Wonders.

The Rolling Stones were famous and started, in the 1960’s, but they were bigger than life, with more hit songs, more than the new comers.

The trouble, with the 1970’s is, the performers had a hit song, which are still played on Oldies radio and greatest hits album, is that they try to make their songs, just like their hit song, or try to please their fans, but The Rolling Stones, wrote and played songs that they like, which is why their so great.

From Satisfacion to Brown Sugar, their songs are getting better and better.

I’m always waiting for a new Rolling Stones album, (I’m sure you are as well), and just like I wait for another of my posts, bringing uploaded, I’m looking forward to seeing it, so let me upload this post, so I can continue with the next one, so read my post, and learn what I’ve learned !!!

The Rolling Stones 1972/1974

Mick Jagger was an actor in the film The Performers, which has a cult following, and Bill Williams married his 17 years old girlfriend (which they both were dating when she was 14), but other than that, not much were mentioned, about the future of The Rolling Stones.

There were rumors that The Rolling Stones, broke up and went there own ways, or that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards can’t work together. All rumors were false, The Rolling Stones did not break up and Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote some songs, but won’t be until 1973 with Goathead Soup and 1974 It’s Only Rock’N’Roll, which is here, on my post, and I hope you will enjoy !!!

The Rolling Stones 1970/1972

The In the 1970’s, it was a time for new taste, new styles and most of all, new music. As of 1970 a new generation was into new music, and the 1960’s generation was protesting, but wasn’t buying any records, the record companies were gearing to the the new generation, but continue with the 1960’s

performers. The Rolling Stones had no trouble with the 1970’s  audience. As The One Hit Wonders were dropping off the charts, Motown and British Rock was going strong. The Rolling Stones released Sticky Fingers in 1971, which has a live of its own, even today it’s one of The Rolling Stones greatest albums, but they also released two double LP’s of their greatest hits, from the 1960’s in 1972 (a year before The Beatles two double Red and Blue LP’s were released), called Hot Rocks 1964-1971 and More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies)


Exile On Main ST. (1972), didn’t have any hit songs, for none was released, but it’s a favorite to Stones fans.

Between 1970 to 1972, The Rolling Stones, mainly toured around the world playing their songs from the 1960’s, so their was much time to writing and recording new music.

Whoever was at The Rolling Stones concert at that time, had the ride of their lives and I wished I could have been there !!!

The Rolling Stones 1966/1968

With the song, Satisfaction, it was hard for The Rolling Stones to be hidden in a crowd, for that song made them a hit, with new fans, and the their fans from their beginning career, left them because they thought The Rolling Stones were sailing out.

The Rolling Stones, was a Blues band, but as Mick Jagger, once said that The Blues were hard to write songs for it, and since our fans weren’t the ones buying their records, it was time for a change.

Unlike some, The Rolling Stones came out with two hits albums for 1966 and with two versions, one UK and the other USA.

The UK had more songs than the USA’s version (2-4 songs), they both went on the charts and were very successful.


It was 1967, when both UK and USA had the same number of songs. It was the end of the pop songs and the start of the more mature and  artsy drug related songs.

The Beatles were credited as the first, with Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band, and all the bands tried to follow. The once that can keep up did so with their own album, and those that couldn’t, went on the waist side.

The Rolling Stones had three albums that year, which was one more than The Beatles had. Their Satanic Majesties Request was regarded as The Rolling Stones version of Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band, but it was more than that, it was the album that started a new image and a new replacement for Brian Jones, that was found dead in his pool, which is still being looked at as not being a suicide.

It had minor hits, but nothing like the two albums, which was Flowers and Between The Buttons were. Flowers and Between The Buttons have a couple of the same songs which were hits songs for The Rolling Stones and when other bands have new songs, for each album, The Rolling Stones have Ruby Tuesday and Let’s Spend The Night Together (which were hits) on both LP’s and the only two they played throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s and why would would London Records do that is something that haven’t been done in the past, nor today.

The Beatles 2002/2004

I’m disappointed with Paul McCartney, because he wrote a song about John Lennon when he died, but nothing for George Harrison.

I know Ringo Starr doesn’t have the the talent of writing songs like the others, but he could have done something, so I’m disappointed in him as well.

The Beatles are dead Rest In Peace !!!

The Beatles 2000/2002

George Harrison is dead (Thursday, November 29, 2001) and now if Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr ever get together, then they can’t be called The Beatles.

Their was hope the three remaining Beatles can continue, since all three The Anthology double CD’s all went to number one, it might continue with recordings of John Lennon.

I’m sorry, I still wish that The Beatles would continue, and I felt shellfish, for keeping them together in my mind.

They have their own lives and I know that, and their families must grief for their lost, but I still miss them, and I still have their recordings and I lived through it and now I must move on to The Rolling Stones, for their nothing more to text about.
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The Rolling Stones 1962/1964

In Liverpool, Manchester and around The UK were having Rock’N’Roll bands that was very popular, but in London their was not. For they only had Teen Idol singers and watered down pop bands. If you’re a singer or a Rock’N’Roll group and you want to make money in The UK, then you would go to London, but once you’re there, London music industry, will start to water you down.

In my  definition of water down is when your talent is formed into something safer for everyone to listen to, and that’s what happened in London after WWII to 1964, when The Beatles came over to The USA. Your songs were hand picked, even the name of your group may change and your name itself would be changed to something that they think the teenagers and parents wouldn’t be  offensive to them.

Their was an exception to the rule, and that is The Rolling Stones for they came out of London. The Rolling Stones played Blues and from USA’s Blues singers for that’s what  inspire them to play their music, however they first record two years later on London Records, but that’s still in the future for The Rolling Stones !!!

The Beatles 1998/2000

Every performer and every musical group has a greatest hits album, many times over, but The Beatles never had one. I know that The Red Album and The Blue Album is supposed to be that, but it really wasn’t. Not until 1 came out was there an official greatest hits CD of The Beatles, I wonder why it took so long to be made, but I’m not complaining because it’s great and I’m happy to have it !!!

The Beatles 1996/1998

I’m so happy that two more double CD’s of The Beatles Anthology came out as well as the video version of The Beatles Anthology. I bought them all, before anyone else that I knew got it.

John Lennon Anthology came out in 1997, but I’m waiting for the other three Anthologies to come out, I wish it was soon !!!

The Beatles 1994/1996


Theirs been rumors that their be a new Beatles album with new music by all four Beatles, including The Late John Lennon and everyone was waiting for its release. Time went by and no word about its release date. Then a new Beatles album came out, but wasn’t what the hype was about. The Beatles Live At The BBC was a disappointment to what we hoped to have new music from The Beatles.

The Beatles Live At The BBC was great for me. I just went in the CD store and bought it and I wouldn’t care if I had to come back for the case that it came in. I played it until my ears bleed out over and over again. I listened to the lnterview and the songs, until I can recite it note for note on the double CD, and I didn’t care what people think of me. I know I’m crazy, so why stick around and hear their remarks about me.

I live near a college frathouse, and at night they’d be playing Rap Music and drinking. Neighbors would complain, but I don’t. I got something better, each night I would play Grace Jones and Yoko Ono and the frathouse couldn’t hear their music.

Can they complain or call the police (that would be funny), no they have to lower their music and wait for me to do the same, which if their blessed, it be for another hour I want to listen to Weird Al Yankovic, Spike Jones, Latoya Jackson, just to name a few before I stop. It’s hard to find anything that can top me and seeing that I own their house, it wouldn’t be good to try it. However playing The Beatles Live At The BBC over and over and over again without stopping, might be too much for them, or maybe they were quite for a week or two, just to listen to it as well. The neighbors thanked me, but my tenants moved out, and I wonder why !!!



Now the album that everyone was waiting for The Beatles Anthology 1 album with a new Beatles song, mainly written by John Lennon. This double CD was all I ever wished to have that year and I weared it down and I’m glad that I still have it and I hope the second one will come out soon !!!

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