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The Beatles Made A Profit

Even though 1966 was a bad year for The Beatles, they made money off of it. Every record and anything that has the word Beatles on it, were bought that day and staged preteens, that weren’t even interested in music, to break them in front of cameras, so reporters can say that they were doing that because of what The Beatles said, and not what John Lennon, who was misquoted by the press.

Both Rubber Soul and Revoler went to number one, in fact their 45’s went to number one, so The Beatles could laugh it off. However, they choose not to do concerts again. Actually The Beatles were tied of touring and this was a great excuse not to do anymore, so if you look at it, 16 magazine did The Beatles a favor, but I still don’t like the magazine and I have never trusted the press, since I found out about their sloppy job they did in reporting. In fact the press wanted The Beatles to apologize to them and at first John Lennon refused to apologize to them and tried to tell them his side of the story and meant to say that Jesus apostles just wrote his life story, in a way that it was boring for him. However, the press kept asking him the same question over and over again, until he stands up and yelled at them his apology, which the press should have done to him.

Mad I texted you in another post, the press will boost your up when you start out, but tare you down, when you’re famous and that hasn’t changed, for their still doing it. If FOX NEWS NETWORK wasn’t around, I would have to use a borf bag to watch CNN !!!

The Beatles Against The World

Everyone loves The Beatles in The USA 1964-1965, but in 1966, after the interview that John Lennon did and edited in 16 magazine, which that edited interview also went around the globe, everyone thought how dare The Beatles think like that. Radio stations wouldn’t play their records and news reporters (that’s a joke), reported that children (no teenagers were involved), stepping on Beatles records and anything that has the word Beatles on it. Ministers and religious leaders started a bonfire and the KKK got into the act and threatened The Beatles harm.

Ministers should have stop with the hated, for

  1. more people were going to church.
  2. God forgives those that our his children of Christian beliefs and those that don’t believe, so why can’t them ???
  3. when the KKK is on your side, then pick another side, so not to do what your enemies are doing.

God as us to forgive as he forgives us, so why is there so much hate for something that, was never checked, like the 16 magazine has never apologize for what they did in editing John Lennon‘s interview.

South Africa banned The Beatles from their country, Beatles records and anything about The Beatles were never brought into that area again. When The Beatles broke up, Paul McCarney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr records were allowed into South Africa, but none of John Lennon, records were ever released to them.

I don’t know if 16 magazine is still in print, but I’ll never even pick one up for any reason and that goes to The Rolling Stones Magazine as well, for making up the rape story and not checking it out first !!!

The Beatles And Jesus Christ

The reporters do two things to a celebrity that I’m sure everyone knows is, they build up unknown celebrates and tare them down when celebrities are up.

John Lennon’s interview about, “Beatles Are More Popular Than Jesus Christ“, went straight to the PlayBoy Magazine, but nothing happened. That interview, intact, went to every country around the world and nothing happened. However, when the interview went to a 16 magazine, with editing, made it sound like (without thinking), that John Lennon said “Beatles Are Better Than Jesus Christ”.

16 magazine, prefer to have more photos then articles, so when the interview was being in their magazine, the editor changed “More Popular” to “Better Than“. It’s something that has done many times before, just to add another photo and unlike to ask for subtraction, like they do now, but back then, it was allowed.

So for the rest of the year, John Lennon had to explain his remarks in the 16 magazine, which he didn’t say, which he shouldn’t have done, where 16 magazine should have and never had to !!!

The Beatles And The Press

The press job is to report the news, but most of the time, they make the news. The press don’t tell facts (check ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN), what they do is add their opinions into it and it’s worst, when it comes to celebrities.

Reporters would used the same question each time they interviewed an entertainer. In the case of The Beatles, most of the reporters asked the “Now that the bubble burst, what are you going to do now?” That was asked from when The Beatles landed in New York, up until the interview on PlayBoy magazine, in 1966.

In the press conference, all four of them would answer with a quick wit and it was expected, but I’m sure that all celebrities get tired of the same question just so the reports can sell papers in newsstands.

The Beatles never get much of a day off and do whatever they wanted to. The Beatles just got done with a concert and John Lennon was tired. Brian Epstein said to him that he promised to do this interview for PlayBoy.

John Lennon to fall asleep, but he did he did the interview anyway.

In the interview for PlayBoy, she eventually asked him “Now that the bubble burst, now what are you going to do in your solo career?”

John Lennon was so tired and tired of that question, he told her, The Beatles are more popular than Jesus Christ, and that’s when WWIII began !!!

The Trouble Categorize The Monkees

I don’t know what to categorize The Monkees, should I call The Monkees Bubble Gum Music, because The Monkees was interviewed for part of a TV show, no, because The Monkees wrote their own songs. Should I call The Monkees British Rock, because Davy Jones was born in The UK, no, because the other three were from The USA. Should I call them LA Rock, no, because Mike Nesmith is from NY. Should I call them Rock Group, no, because The Monkees came from a TV show. So how can I categorize The Monkees in my record collection, when I don’t know what to call them.

  1. Mike Nesmith is created for inventing Country Rock.
  2. Peter Tork Folk Music.
  3. Davy Jones Broadway Musicals.
  4. Micky Dolenz TV actor.

transferred into The Monkees.

The only way I can categorize The Monkees is by alphabet, because I could never find The Monkees, if I have one LP in each category !!!

Bob Dylan : The Biography


Bob Dylan Profession: Singer, painter Real Name: Robert Allen Zimmerman Horoscope : Gemini Birthday: Saturday, May 24, 1941 (age: 74 years)

Bob Dylan, whose real name is Robert Zimmerman, was born May 24, 1941 in Minnesota. The iconic figure of the folk rock has a passion since childhood for country and blues. At age 20 he moved to New York in the bohemian Greenwich neighborhood where lived the artists of the Beat Generation. If Dylan struggles initially to impose his hoarse voice and style judged surprising, he manages to ensure the early parts of bluesman John Lee Hooker. Bob signs a contract with Columbia Records and is supported by his mentor Johnny Cash, his first successes are broadcast on the radio.
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The Race Is On

  1. Once The Beatles had a number One hit with I Want To Hold Your Hand, The US music was stunned. The record companies (including Capital Records, who already has The Beatles), had PRS flying to Liverpool, London Manchester and any place that had a band.

Gerry And The Pacemakers signed with EMI and Capital Records, of course. Not saying that EMI is the greatest record company and that they picked and choose which is better, it’s that whatever The Beatles did, Gerry And The Pacemakers would do.

The Beatles got a manager, then Gerry And The Pacemakers got a manager, The Beatles had a recording contract at EMI Gerry And The Pacemakers had a recording contract, The Beatles went to The USA, Gerry And The Pacemakers went to The USA and The Beatles were on The Ed Sullivan Show, Gerry And The Pacemakers were on The Ed Sullivan Show.

There’s two things that Gerry And The Pacemakers couldn’t do. One, every song on The Beatles LP, were played on the radio, even the B side of their 45’s, but Gerry And The Pacemakers, A side is only played on the radio. The Beatles improved their song writing and changed the 1960’s with Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band, Gerry And The Pacemakers, couldn’t keep up and quit by breaking up, which also what all The British groups that came in The USA in 1964.

Herman And The Hermits, Manford Mann, Peter & Gardon and The Dave Clark Five just to name a few, just disappeared by 1967, for they couldn’t keep up with The Beatles, which makes The Beatles the winners.

However, The British group of 1965, continued  and that’s when The Rolling Stones and The Who comes and continues into the 21st century !!!

What If

What if, Elves Presley wasn’t drafted, what if Little Richard didn’t found religion, what if no one found out about the age of Jerry Lee Lewis’ bride of 13 years and that she is his cousin, what if Buddy Holly didn’t go on that plane, or Sam Cooke wasn’t stab to death, would Beach Music, Bubble Gum Music and Teen Idol Music ever be as it was, or not at all, or would it it be something else. Would there be Folk Rock Music, LA Music Hard Rock and would The British Invasion ever taken the world by storm, we might never know, but it’s something to think about !!!

The sixties: The who


This British rock band is one of the most important for the sixties and seventies Real scene beasts, this quartet, with “the Kings”, laid the foundation for a purely British rock. They are also the authors of “Tommy” , a phenomenal rock opera.
The origins of the group date back to 1962. The excellent bassist John Entwistle joined the Detours, a group led by a certain Roger Daltrey, singer and guitarist. Soon, another guitarist, Pete Townshend joined the training. He is a childhood friend of Entwistle.In 1964 the group will take for the first time the name of The Who, at the suggestion of a friend of Pete Townshend. Fun fact: a fan aged of merely 17 years takes the place of the drummer at a concert in London. His play is so powerful and inspired that he joined the group. His name is Keith Moon.
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Understand More About The Rolling Stones


One of the legends of rock and roll are the Rolling Stones. The band was shaped in April 1962 in England. It’s establishing individuals incorporate Mick Jagger (vocals), Keith Richards (guitar), Ian Stewart (piano), and Brian Jones (guitar and harmonica). They began by playing beat and soul music and simply playing spread tunes of other more well-known groups. On the other hand, they later picked up notoriety when they began to compose their tunes, basically in light of the songwriting joint effort between Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. This dispatched the genuine Rolling Stones music that fans the world over would later figure out how to cherish.

The bunch’s initial history.

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were dear companions in the 50s, and they were both into rock music around then, especially they cherished listening to the music of Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters. At some point later they met Brian Jones, Charlie Watts, and Ian Stewart. They then framed a band with the aim of playing just cadence and soul music.
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