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The Carpenters 2004/2008

Richard, Mary, and their four daughters and one son live in Thousand Oaks, California, where the couple are supporters of the arts.In 2004, Carpenter and his wife pledged a $3 million gift to the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Foundation in memory of Karen Carpenter. More recently, Richard has actively supported the Carpenter Performing Arts Center at his alma mater, California State University, Long Beach. He continues to make concert appearances, including fund raising efforts for the Carpenter Center.
In 2007 and 2009, the current owners of the former Carpenter family home on Newville Avenue in Downey, obtained permits from the city to tear down the existing buildings on the site to make room for newer and larger structures, in spite of ongoing protests from fans. In February 2008, a group of fans got their protest campaign covered in the Los Angeles Times. At that time an adjacent house that had once served as the band’s headquarters and recording studio had already been demolished and the main house was on the verge of being demolished as well. The original house was immortalized on the Now & Then album cover and was the place where Karen Carpenter died: in the words of Carpenters’ fan Jon Konjoyan, “this was our version of Graceland.”

The Carpenters 2002/2004

This will be the last fuller years of The Carpenters !!!

The Carpenters 2000/2002

I can’t wait to have more songs on my website !!!

The Carpenters 1998/2000

I know that I have these songs on here already, but I’m so excited to have music on my website, that I can’t do enough to show it off !!!

The Carpenters 1996/1998

I wasn’t going to do The Carpenters yet, but since I have their music on my website, I thought I would start it today and continue with it all day long and do the same with someone new tomorrow !!!

The Carpenters 1994/1996

I know I uploaded this before, but I need to get to the next to the next century, because nothing is happening between 1994/1996 !!!

The Carpenters 1992/1994

More facts, about The Carpenters and another song !!!

In 1971, the A&M graphics department hired Craig Braun and Associates to design the album cover for their third album, entitled Carpenters. “I recognized it to be a great logo as soon as I saw it”, says Richard. In addition, the logo was used on every Carpenters’ album since the third one as said by Richard, “to keep things consistent, though, every Carpenters’ album from the logo’s inception shows the logo.”The logo did not appear on the front cover of their album Passage but a small version appeared on the back cover.

The Carpenters 1990/1992

I did this with The Beatles, trying to fill in the years, but unless The Beatles, I have music to go with it !!!


The Carpenters 1988/1990

Nothing to report, so here’s a new photo and a song !!!


The Carpenters 1986/1988

Not much happen at this time, so I’ll leave you with this photo and a song, until next time !!!


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