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Happy Birthday Syd Barrett


Happy Birthday Arthur Conley

Happy Birthday Arthur Conley, even though he is died, I thought he should be celebrated today on his birthday. I will always celebrate his birthday. He will always be remembered ovbn my website, and I’ll be doing a bio on him soon. I maybe the only one that will type about him, that I don’t know, but I’ll always will say something about everyone I like. For those That like what I like, will always find something about him on my website, so be back tomorrow, and see who I like’s birthday will be.

Happy Birthday Sir George Martin

1926, Born on this day, Sir George Martin, English record producer, arranger, composer, conductor, audio engineer and musician. He worked as EMI records in-house record producer and became the so-called fifth Beatle. Martin produced all but one of The Beatles albums giving him 30 No.1 hit singles in the UK and 23 No.1 hits in the US. He also worked with comedy acts The Goons and Beynond The Fringe. Martin received a Knighthood in 1996. He died on March 8 2016 aged 90.

I always thought of George Martin as The True Fifth Beatle, because he did more than to produce Beatle songs, he played some of the interments, and added, something to the songs.

George Martin This Is Your Day And I Wish You Were Here To Enjoy It.

Happy Birthday To The Late Sir George Martin !!!

Happy Birthday Cissy Houston

From R&B, Disco and Gospel Cissy Houston has done it all.

Happy Birthday Cissy Houston !!!

Jerry Lee Lewis Day

Your birthday really should be a holiday, because you’re the one that made people like Rock’N’Roll.

Have A Happy Jerry Lee Lewis Day 

Happy Birthday Jerry Lee Lewis

I’ve been playing your albums since I was a teenager.

Happy Birthday Jerry Lee Lewis !!!

Ben E. King Day

i know it was yesterday, if I miss someones birthday, I should pass it for next year, but it wasn’t my fault. I remembered, but my website carrier, was fixing a problem, which lost my post, so that’s why I’m typing it now. For the second time I’m using my 17″ MacBook Pro to use on my post, so Ben E. King should be special to me. He’s been celebrated two days in a row, which I haven’t one with anyone else.

Have A Ben E. King Day !!!


Happy Birthday Ben E. King

I know he’s gone, but i also know he’s not forgotten.

Happy Birthday Ben E. King !!!

Shaun Cassidy Day

I know all my employees will hate him, but I’ll be played Shaun Cassidy all day

Have A Happy Shaun Cassidy Day !!!

Happy Birthday Shaun Cassidy

here’s a guy that when I was a teenager, I hated his albums, because My Younger Sister played him over and over again, but now I find his albums a lot more entertaining, so

Happy Birthday Shaun Cassidy !!!

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