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Glen Campbell Day

No one wants to go out of their  comfort zone and listen to something like C&W music, especially when Prince died yesterday. I would like to see someone other than me listen to C&W today, but that will never happen and that’s a shame for us all !!!

Happy Birthday Glen Campbell

April 22, 1936 (age 80), Billstown, AR


I know that no one in working with knows you, but I’m playing your music anyway !!!

Lurther Vandross Day

Everyone that works for me, knows of Lurther Vandross, but not one knows that this day is his birthday.

I know the basic information about everyone that I like in the entertainment world, and yet my employees don’t know anything about the performers that they grew up with.

I bought some new albums of Lurther Vandross, with not his song Dance With My Farther on it and they didn’t know who they were listening to.

If Black History is so important, to people who are black, then why don’t they search for this themselves ???

It’s a shame that you don’t know your history, because if you do, then your punishment is to repeat it over and over again until you learn your mistakes.

If someone that isn’t your race, religion or your  political views knows more than you, then it’s time to give up the ghost and settle for less than you are and be thankful that someone is better than you, only because you let that happen.

Learn your history and be a better you !!!

Happy Birthday Lurther Vandross, even though your fans forgotten you, I never will and I’ll play your music everyday and laugh at my employees !!!

Happy Birthday Luthier Vandross


April 20, 1951-July 1, 2005

The people that are black that I work with, truly love him, and why not, he’s great.

Happy Brithday Luthier Vandross !!!

Dusty Springfield Day

It’s a shame that I’m finding performers that this generation doesn’t know who I’m texting about, or just knows one song that their parents play on their stereo and thinks that it’s not what their friends want to listen to.

I once thought the same way about My Parents music and now I’m listening to it, I hope they do the same, when they wise up.

Happy Birthday To You Dusty Springfield !!!

Happy Birthday Dusty Springfield


April 16, 1939

Happy Brithday And I Hope It’s A Blessing For You And Your Love Ones !!!

Happy Birthday Lortta Lynn

April 14, 1932 (age 84)


Where as today women in Country Music is more Pop Rock, you always stayed Country and I Thank You For That !!!


Happy Birthday Al Green

Al Green Biography
Minister, Singer (1946–)

Happy Birthday To You !!!

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