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Marty Robbins, Lorerra Lynn And Olivia Newton-John Day

To Three singers on their birthday, I want to text, that I  failed, having their albums ready, but first I have to talk with the ones that I’m paying for to be on the web and have it fixed, but until then, I want you to know that I played their albums all day like I always do with every birthday that I texted about and I’m going to do it again tomorrow with whoever I like and none of anyone that I don’t. After all it is my website and I can celebrate anyone that I wish. I’m not fake, and text about people I’m not interested in, then I’ll be lowering my standards and pleasing everyone, but me.

If you like my website, then that’s great, but since I haven’t read any of your comments (which there are none), I don’t have to buy an album that I don’t like, just to please you.

I celebrated Linda McCartney yesterday and I bought her album and downloaded it here, but that’s gone. My post for last weekend is erased and this is the second time that happened.

Until it’s fixed today, but I did celebrate three singers today and I feel great doing that, and I’m going to continue to text about anything I want to and go back to texting about The Rolling Stones and Marvin Gaye, because I never finished with them. I’ll see you tomorrow, so

Have A Marty Robbins, Lorerra Lynn And Olivia Newton-John Day 

Happy Birthday Marty Robbins, Lorerra Lynn And Olivia Newton-John

No albums to show yet, but time is flying, so

Happy Birthday Marty Robbins, Lorerra Lynn And Olivia Newton-John  !!!

Brook Benton And Paul Williams Day

Most of these songs I heard from other singers, but it’s good to hear them from the ones who wrote them !!!

Happy Birthday Brook Benton And Paul Williams

What can I texted about two men that sings and write songs for other performers then Brook Benton and Paul Williams has done. I grew up watching Paul Williams on The Muppets Show, but he wrote songs for The Carpenters, which I was into at the time. I like the songs of Brook Benton, but I didn’t know that he’s born in the same state as I am now. (I’ll be moving soon, so what do I care if you you know where I am now) two singers with singing styles all them own, on the same day, they were born and now I can play their albums and my employees have to put up with it for the whole day.

Happy Birthday Brook Benton And Paul Williams  !!!

Frankie Avalon Day

Here’s a new album that I got for Frankie Avalon’s birthday !!!

Happy Birthday Frankie Avalon

To one of the best Teen Idols we ever had.

Happy Birthday Frankie Avalon !!!

Hank Williams And The Singing Nun Day

I hope you like the previous post and mostly of Hank Williams. I have another album of him, but I couldn’t find any other album of The Singing Nun, so this post will be lopsided, however, she only made one recording and that was on The Ed Sullivan Show. So here’s Hank Williams again.

Have A Hank Williams And The Singing Nun Day !!!

Happy Birthday Hank Williams And The Singing Nun

I know it’s late, but I had to upload these two singers and Hank Williams had a lot, let’s listen to Hank Williams and The Singing Nun.

Happy Birthday Hank Williams And The Singing Nun !!!

B.B. King Day

I wish B.B. King was here and still singing. We’ll miss you B.B. King and there’s no other can keep up with you !!!

Happy Birthday B.B. King

I was listening to B.B. King all day that I almost forgot to text about him. It’s 21:43:53 so I have to text this now before 0:00:00. I hope you enjoy B.B. King’s albums, because that’s what I been doing all day and almost was late for my job because of The King Of The Blues.

Happy Birthday B. B. King !!!


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