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Amy Winehouse Day

Even though, I became your fan after your death, I’m making it up for it by celebrating your birthday.

Happy Birthday Amy Winehouse

Your one of the greats.

Happy Birthday Amy Winehouse !!!

Barry White And George Jones Day

I’m sorry for the delay, but I was downloading Barry White and George Jones albums on here. Here are two of them !!!

Happy Birthday Barry White And George Jones

These two singers will always be on my website and I’ll try to have their albums downloaded for my readers who will enjoy it.

Happy Birthday 

Barry White 


George Jones !!!

P¡nk And Parsy Cline Day

Yesterday I played P¡nk in the younger generation, that I employed and enjoyed her, but the old generation don’t like her they did not want to listen to her. The second half of the day I had Patsy Cline and it was the young generation hated her and the older generation love her.

You should hear the difference between swears and name calling that I got from each generation, the younger generation swears the worst, but the older generation swears the loudest.

Have A Great P¡nk And Pasty Cline Day !!!

Happy Birthday P¡nk And Parsy Cline

The two women that are unique in every way.

Happy Birthday 



Patsy Cline !!!

Buddy Holly And Gloria Gayor Day

Buddy Holly was expected to have a long career in music, but a plane crashed, cut it short, but his songs live on With The Beatles and The Rolling Stones (among the few), and Gloria Gayor’s career continues, but she will always be thought of her hit I Will Survive, which Diana Ross covered. So in away, either one is still alive and well in their hit songs.

I hope you are playing their albums, because that’s what I’m doing all day !!!

Happy Birthday Buddy Holly And Gloria Gayor

Both singers, started out in one decade and had hit songs in the next decade.

Happy Birthday Buddy Holly And Gloria Gayor !!!

Billy Preston And Bobby Purify Day

I’ve been playing Billy Preston and Bobby Purify albums all day, what have you been doing today ???

Happy Birthday Billy Preston And Bobby Purify

Get Back with Billy Preston and let’s Be Your Puppet Bobby Purify, because it’s your birthday.

Happy Birthday 

Billy Preston 


Bobby Purify !!!

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