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Gloria Estefan And Conway Twitty Day

I’m looking forward to playing these two singers today, because they are different and unique. I know I’ll be the only one that will celebrate both in one day, but it’s a shame that others don’t.

You maybe one of a few that will and once the problem of my website is fixed, you be hearing them both on this post.

Have A Great

Day Gloria

Estefan And

Conway Twitty 

Happy Birthday Gloria Estefan And Conway Twitty

It’s great to have two singers of different music styles and genera, as well as different generations, have a birthday on the same day.

Happy Birthday

Gloris Estefan


Conway Twitty !!!

Van Morrison And Debbie Gibson Day

I hope you are playing Van Morrison and Debbie Gibson’s albums today, because that’s what I’ve done all day !!!

Happy Birthday Van Morrison And Debbie Gibson

I enjoy celebrate two or more singers, because I can play their albums and my employees don’t have to listen to one all day, so I can shuffle their songs all day.

Happy Brithday Van Morrison And Debbie Gibson !!!

Michael Jackson Day

From The Jackson 5 I’ll Be There to solo with Bad you made our lives better and richer to be part of our lives and I want to thank you for it.

Have A Happy Michael Jackson Day To You All !!!

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

Off and on, you been apart of my life and I want to say, thank you so much

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson !!!

LeAnn Rimes Day

I’m going to the park now with my iTunes of LeAnn Rimes, I think you should do that also.

Have A Great LeAnn Rimes Day !!!

Happy Birthday LeAnn Rimes

i played your album, before I like C&W. Your the greatest.

Happy Birthday LeAnn Rimes !!!

Rick Springfield Day

It’s funny how music has changed, when music is awful, like today’s are, I aways go back in the past to listen to what I didn’t like then, and liking it. That’s what happens when I listen to Jessie’s Girl and now I have Rick Springfield greatest hits album, and now I’m going to play it at my job and have everyone listening to him. I hope they won’t tar and feather me today !!!

Happy Birthday Rick Springfield

At the time when Rick Springfield was popular, I was listening to The Beatles, but My Younger Sister was to him.

I never cared for him until recently, when I heard Jessie’s Girl, and now I’ve mellowed and I have one album of his, which I’ll be playing at work today.

Happy Birthday Rick Springfield !!!

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