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Count Basie,Kenny Rogers and Jackie DeShannon Day

I played these three all day long and I couldn’t get enough of them !!!

Happy Birthday Count Basie,Kenny Rogers and Jackie DeShannon

Imagine three performers, with three different musical genre, and three different decades of style could have the same birthday. Well you don’t have to imagine it any longer, because Count Basie, Kenny Rogers, and Jackie Deshannon are what I’m describing and I’m glad their on my website.

HappBirthdaCounBasie, KennRogerand JackiDeShannon !!!

Isaac Heyes Day

I’m already in iTunes to buy more and I’m going to be at the park walking around the lake with this iPod and Isaac Heyes on, so everyone can hear him !!!

Happy Birthday Isaac Hayes

I’m looking forward to playing your albums today, it’s a change in the albums I been playing.

Happy Birthday Isaac Hayes !!!

Billy J. Kramer Day

Listening to you, brings back memories (of The Beatles), so I hope you enjoy this day, because you deserve it !!!

Happy Birthday Billy J. Kramer

You were famous in the 1960’s, with Beatles songs (some Lennon & McCartney wrote just for you ), but no one remembers you now, that is expected for me.

Happy Birthday Billy J. Kramer !!!

James Tayler And Madonna Day

It’s true, I was playing and watching James Talyor and Madonna’s songs and videos.

It’s hard to imagine that I had a girlfriend, who was was 21 and I being 14, were Like a Virgin, and we made love to the song You Got A Friend. She came for every time, we played that song and we played it 36 times. I truly love that song, maybe James Talyor and Madonna should team up and write a sequel to that song, because I want to play it 86 times for my resent girlfriend, just to see if she can hold out.

James Talyor and Madonna, please celebrate your birthday together and maybe write some songs for your fans, because I’m one of them and I’ll be waiting for your CD !!!

Happy Birthday James Tayler And Madonna

I’m sorry that I didn’t text you about James Taylor and Madonna’s birthday,  I was too busy celebrating it myself.

Happy Birthday James Talyor and Madonna !!!

Jimmy Dean Day

for the rest of the day, I’m going to watch Diamonds Are Forever, while I eat Jimmy Dean sauce. So that’s my day, what about yours !!!

Happy Birthday Jimmy Dean

A singer, actor and my second favorite meat (roast beef is my favorite), I should celebrate Jimmy Dean three times today.

Happy Birthday Jimmy Dean !!!

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