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Welcome And Thank You !!!

This is my webpage and I’m going to text, type and talk to you about my favorite topic. 60’s music affected me in ways that I can’t explain in this opening greeting, but I’ll assure you that in time you’ll know everything about me, for everything about me has something to do with the music of The 1960’s. You’ll know everything there is to know about the 60’s and more, just as long as you keep coming to my page. The more time I spend on this, the more you’ll get to know of my favorite topic. Once I get started, I’ll be uploading photos and music everyday. I got a closet full of LP’s, 45’s and plenty of books, so get ready for some fun !!!

Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs is the one and only kind of music that is in all other kinds of music.

Traditional, Godspel, Standers, Big Bands, Teenage Idols, C&W, R&B, Bubble Gum, Pop Rock, Classical, Jazzy, Novelty, Beach, Rap, Disco, Girl Groups, British Rock, LA Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Soft Rock, Rock’N’Roll, Christian and Christian Rock all have Christmas Music and always are played at Christmas !!!

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