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“I Miss You” by: Invisible

Paul Is Dead And I’m Glad He’s Alive II

          News Flash

Paul McCartney Is Dead

Details On Next Post !!!

In My Dreams (Prince)

Invisible BBWs

Life is what you make of it (Ali)

In My Dreams (Orlando)


now that I have music on my website, I’ll be updating my post, which means that I may not have many post as I have in the past.

Other sites will have one song, but I’m going to try for the whole album and I have a lot to upload. So reread all my other post for music, I’m sure you like them all !!!


I finally have music on my website and I will be having more soon. I know that I have The Carpenters on twice, but I wanted to see the difference in the post.

Weather you like The Carpenters or not, doesn’t mean a thing to me, it’s what I like that matters, but I will have more this week, so enjoy The Carpenters, it’s only one of many that will be coming !!!

Happy Half A Year Anniversary

It’s been six months since I started and even though I found that I have an audience, I like to thank myself for always being here, and I hope I will come back to visit me LOL

It’s been interesting to see how much information I have and how many performers that I like.

I never thought that I would make this far, nor care to text each day about something that I could think in my head about and to answer my own questions.

I was hoping for comments on each of my post, and now with the upgrade, someone could have posted something with my approval.

I love the upgrade and theirs so much more to learn about it. I have more memory, so the photos are sharper. I can change the lettering and color of the letters. The most important to me is uploading songs, which is in the works, and videos, which is also in the works.

I sure hope you come by and leave a message for me to make a comment on, or I may have to make my own comments to my post, so I can answer it.

However, I do have spam, as comments, but I do edit so no one would get on with their site with ads on them (if I don’t have ads, then why should they get something that I don’t have and get money off it, when I get nothing from them), so it be safer to everyone and who knows if it has a virus. Even though I don’t have toys (Androids and PC are toys), I surely don’t want any readers to get on their Androids and PC’s, for your toys, can’t handle the technology of Apple Computers and you might cry to your parents, that your toys are broken (I have a sledgehammer to fix your computer and a toilet for your Android)

So, please come back each day for my new post, and if you’re lucky, I might text you about your toys some more.

I’m here 24/7, so don’t let me be lonely !!!


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