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A Few Great Songs From a Great Decade


Everyone who grew up in the 1960’s has their own personal favorite song. The Cold War with the Soviet Union, the Civil Rights Movement, Woodstock, and the Vietnam War all occurred during this very emotional decade. Rock ‘n roll was changing too, and some of that revolutionary music just can’t be denied the title of “the greatest rock ‘n’ roll of the 1960’s”. Let’s take a look at a few of those songs.

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This is the year that bordered on the generation rthat grew up from the 1940’s withdrew Frank Sinatra as The Chairman Of The Board and the 1950’s with Elvis Presley as The King Of Rock’N’Roll.

I don’t know if they ever met, but the two have a fan base and sing in Los Vegas and The Bobby Soxers and The RockNRollers have merged into one when it comes to hear them sing in Vegas !!!

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