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George Martin; The Fifth Beatle

When Brian Epstein went to EMI the PR man thought The Beatles were great, but wasn’t sure what to with them, so they asked someone that never did any pop music. George Martin produced Classical Music, but he had to produce The Beatles and the first song they sing was How Do You Do It and Love Me Do.

The Beatles and George Martin wanted a change, The Beatles did not want the song How Do You Do It to be released, because they thought it was too cutesy for them And wanted to record their own songs and George Martin didn’t think Pete Best was good enough to record with The Beatles, so he thought Pete Best can be in the public eye, but when The Beatles record, he’ll find someone else.

The song How Do You Do It, wasn’t released until The Anthology 1 came out and Pete Best was out of The Beatles. Pete Best never really fit with The Beatles, for he had different haircut and after they played, Pete never hangout with them, so John Lennon, Paul McCarney and George Harrison wanted him out, but didn’t have the guts to tell him John Lennon asked Brian Epstein to tell him. At the same time Brian telling Pete he’s no longer a Beatle, John Paul and George was asking Ringo Starr to join.

The first recording of Love Me Do had Pete Best as drummer, so George Martin picked a hired drummer to play in the studio, but The Beatles came in with Ringo Starr. The second recording had Andy White as drummer and Ringo Starr playing the tambourine, the third and last recording of Love Me Do was with Ringo Starr as drummer. From here on in The Beatles are John Lennon, Paul McCarney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Since George Martin never produced Rock’N’Roll, he didn’t know who should be the lead singer, so he allowed them to choose for themselves. The Beatles are the only band, in music history, that has four lead singers !!!

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