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In a lot of ways, the 1970’s mirrors the 1960’s. Rock’N’Roll wasn’t like the previous decade and Bubble Gum Music were on the raise. The ones that died, or broke up, couldn’t be out on.  What with John Lennon’s Imagine, Paul McCarney’s Uncle Albert, George Harrison’s What Is Life and Ringo Starr’s Back Off Boogloo, most new groups were of One Hit Wonders. Through Jimi Hendrix and the hate of Bubble Gum Music, a new form of music formed and it was called Heavy Metal Music, which, like British Rock of the 1960’s, Have a loyal fans. Like the rebellious teenagers of the 1950’s and 1960’s, the teenagers thought they invented bad behavior. It seems the music continues with copy cat bands and fans dressing up like their favorite preformer, oh well at least Rock’N’Roll is alive and well for 1971 and threw out the 1970’s !!!

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