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Mick Jagger Career


Jagger was born back in 1943 and has been active in his occupation since 1960 to date. He is an English singer, a songwriter and also famously known as an actor. He has been in this career for over 50 years; where his fans describe him as the most influential artist in the field of acting and in the history of rocks. Amazingly, his youngest brother is also a musician and both have been performing together.

Just as he stated in his song “According to the Rolling Stones” he refused to follow his father’s career but chose to join the music industry right from childhood. His distinctive voice, as well as performance, remains a trademark particularly in the “Rolling Stone” through the career. He drew public and the media attention after admitting to using drugs and other romantic involvements; perceived as a counter-cultural figure.

During autumn in 1964, Jagger left the London school of the economics when he realized his musical career was more promising than anything else in his life. He joined a music group that powerfully mined the blues and rhythm in America. However, this artist began writing his songs due to the strong encouragement he received from Oldham Loong.

In the late 1960s, Jagger started acting movies and began with the “NELLY KELLY AND PERFORMANCE.” He thrived in the film industry, and in 1985, he was able to release his first album” she is the boss.” He decided to join the dynamic super-massive group where he was honored with various awards.

In 1985, this famous artist became inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

In early 2004, he entered the UK Music Hall of the Fame with his well-known Rolling Stones. He was knighted a year later due to his great contribution as well as service in the field of modern music. He is in the Guinness World Record after the release of “A Bigger Bang Tour”; which remains the most lucrative music tour till present.

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