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Let It Be


8 May 1970 (UK)
18 May 1970 (US)
February 1968
January–February 1969
January; March–April 1970
Studio Abbey Road and Apple studios, and Twickenham Film Studios, London
Rock blues R&B
Length 35:10
Label Apple
Phil Spector
The Beatles chronology
Abbey Road
(1969) Let It Be
(1970) From Then to You
The Beatles North American chronology
Hey Jude
(1970) Let It Be
(1970) The Beatles’ Christmas Album
Singles from Let It Be
“The Long and Winding Road” / “For You Blue”
Released: 11 May 1970
Let It Be is the 12th and final studio album by the English rock band the Beatles. It was released on 8 May 1970, almost a month after the group’s break-up. Like most of the band’s previous releases, it was a number one album in many countries, including both the US and the UK, and was released in tandem with the motion picture of the same name.

The album was conceived as Get Back, a return to the Beatles’ earlier, less complicated approach to music. It was recorded and projected for release before their album Abbey Road (1969). For this reason, some critics and fans, such as Mark Lewisohn, argue that Abbey Road should be considered the group’s final album and Let It Be the penultimate.

The recording sessions began at Twickenham Film Studios in January 1969 as part of a planned documentary showing the Beatles preparing to return to live performance. A project instigated by Paul McCartney, the filmed rehearsals were marked by ill-feeling within the band, leading to George Harrison’s temporary departure from the group. As a condition of his return, the Beatles reconvened at their own Apple Studio, where they completed the recordings with the help of guest musician Billy Preston.

Following several rejected mixes by Glyn Johns, a new version of the album was created by Phil Spector. While three songs from the sessions were released as singles before the album’s release, “Get Back”/”Don’t Let Me Down” and “Let It Be”, the songs were remixed by Spector for the album and “Don’t Let Me Down” was not included.

Despite a mixed review from Rolling Stone at the time of its release, the album was ranked number 86 in the magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time in 2003 but was moved down to number 392 in the 2012 version. Let It Be… Naked was released in 2003, an alternative version of the album, stripping much of Spector’s production work and using some different versions of songs.

The Beatles 1964/1966

Once the the preformers of the 1950’s left the music industry for one reason or another, PR men, thought that they knew what the teenagers want in music, so that’s when Girl Groups and Teenage Idols became to be. However, when The Beatles came to The USA, they blew those two kinds of music, out of the way.

Even though The Rock’N’Roll preformers of the 1950’s, had long hair, stacking their hips, the press labeled The Beatles as though they invented it.

The Beatles were called fags, just because they had long hair. Of course, the reporters have printed it, in newspapers and magazines, that no Beatles’ fans read.

Every press conference with The Beatles, reporters asked the same thing over and over again

  1. Now that the bubble broke, what are you going to do ???(most times its asked several times).
  2. What do you think of Vietnam War ???(reporters thought if they can get a celebrity to say anything negative about the war, they can either report it, like they should, or if the feedback comes in a negative way, the press can blame it on the celebrities that’s against it, win, win for the press)
  3. Is that your real hair ???(since the press has never experienced anything like The Beatles, they can’t think of anything to asked)
  4. Did you really write your own songs ???(seeing that only Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins [that were white], wrote their own songs, the press was amazed to know that The Beatles wrote most their songs)

For John Lennon;

  1. Did you really write your book on your own ???(the press can’t imagine anyone that young, can have that much talent)

For 1964-1965, the press couldn’t touch The Beatles at all, but in 1966, when John Lennon was miss quoted as saying The Beatles are better than Jesus, the press had a field day in reporting on lies after lies, just to sell newspapers and get ratings on TV and radio stations.

By the end of 1966, The Beatles had death threats, and having everything with their name on it banned from stores in The South (The North blew it off), and ministers shouted out hated The Beatles, on something they were misquoted.

The press build up The Beatles in 1964-1965, but tare down The Beatles, sometime that has been going on with every celebrity in the 1940’s and 1950’s and has gone even today. The press hasn’t learned anything from it and I guess they never will !!!

The Arrival Of The Beatles

Just months before, The Beatles arrival, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The Beach Boys and Jan&Dean was singing about surfing and hot rods. Girl Groups were singing about their dream boy and Teen Idols was popping up everywhere. TV shows were geared for the family and Elvis Presley was in the movies.

Rock’N’Roll was watered down and clean cut and nothing like the music that inspired The Beatles and others to play Rock’N’Roll Music.

When Please Please Me didn’t hit the US charts, it was like nothing was ever coming out of UK that would be worth anything, but when I Want To Hold Your Hand came and went on the US charts as number one, then it was time for The Beatles to come to The USA.

Capital Records was excited that they over publicized it. Ed Sullivan wanted The Beatles on his TV show and advertise it on TV radio and newspapers.

Once The Beatles arrived girls were screaming at them wherever The Beatles went.

The Beatles and Beatlemania became in The USA vocabulary and you couldn’t read a newspaper, without having several Beatles articles, you couldn’t watch TV news without seeing about The Beatles and on the radio, every other song was of The Beatles.

In 1964, you would have to live under a rock, not to know about The Beatles. Even if you don’t have a TV, a radio and newspaper, The Beatles were in adds, on T-shirts, skirts, cups, posters and Beatles wigs. From mansion to prison, you would know about The Beatles.

Today Beyoncé would be talked about, when she comes out with another CD and when the CD is no longer on the top ten charts, then you won’t hear anything from the press of her, but from the time The Beatles came off Pan Am, you knew of every hotel they went to, what they eat, their favorite color, which one is right handed and which one is left handed, their weight, height where they grew up and their life story. From 1964 to 1967 The Beatles 45’s went to number one and from Meet The Beatles to Let It Be went to number one. The Beatles singles and LP’s stayed number one for weeks and months The Beatles broke every record and no one has came close. Rock’N’Roll, C&W, Classical and even Motown have song Beatles songs from 1964 to 2015. Try to beat that Beyoncé and I’ll start a website with your name on it. I like to know if we ever get another Beatles and try to influence the next generation, but until then, I Want To Hold Your Hand and Help you to understand that She Loves You, so Please Please Me by coming back to my website each and everyday and I’ll text you some more about my favorite group The Beatles that was part of my Yesterday !!!

The Beatles 1962/1964

The Epsteins own a furniture shore, but their son, Brian Epstein wasn’t interested in it. He prefers the theatre and spending time with boys.

Brian Epstein’s parents gave him a part of their store to sell records and because of it, teenagers would flock to his store and request the latest Rock’N’Roll of The USA.

Since he has records to sell, everyone thought he know the music industry, so club owners would allow him to come in without any hassle.

One day a girl came in his store and ask for My Bonnie that was released in West Germany. He never heard of it, so he started to search for it.

The Beatles came back from West Germary and not only were they playing better, they also dressed better. With tight pants and long hair with no grease in it like everyone was, including their drummer Pete Best. When Brain saw The Beatles and that they’re From Liverpool, like he was and not German, like he thought, he went to see The Beatles, John, Paul, George and Pete.

Brian Epstein saw their tight pants and long hair and thought they had sex apeal and ask to be their manager.

Brian Epstein didn’t know about The Beatles songs and never managed anything, except his parents’ store.

As The Beatles went from clubs to clubs, Brain Epstein went from record labels to record labels. The PR man at Decc Records, who thought he knew music), said to Brian that guitars are on the way out and that The Beatles wouldn’t have a chance in the music industry, however he did offer to record The Beatles and give Brian the tapes.

When The Beatles made it big in 1964, Decc Records fired the PR man and sign up The Rolling Stones and let them do anything when it came to their music !!!

The Beatles 1960/1962

About this time, all The Quarrymen left the group and only John Lennon, Paul McCarney, George Harrison and Stu Stufcliff were the only ones that were in the newly formed Long John And The Silver Beatles, which was shortened to The Silver Beatles.

Their agent, sent them to West Germany, to The Star Club, which was a strip club. Their contract said for them to sing for 18 hours a night. It was the first time that there was so much sex, but having to play for 18 hours too much to handle for anything else. To stay awake, the strippers gave them drugs to stay awake.

The first and second trip of four, they had no drummer, so someone from the club would fill that seat. Working for 18 hours straight, made for great practice and even though the customers were there to watch the strippers and drink alcohol, it was great to start playing better with their guitars. Most Germans didn’t notice them, until John Lennon started to come on stage wearing a toilet seat and screaming NAZI at them and all the customers would do is cheer.

When the contract was over, The Silver Beatles would go back to Liverpool and play in clubs. At first, no one wanted The Silver Beatles to go to Hamburg, because it would ruined it for the other groups that has been playing there. Each time a Liverpool band goes there, the better they were coming back, for 18 hours will either make you a better band or make you want to quit. However, The Silver Beatles were the worst band, because they had no drummer. John Paul and George were playing great, but Stu wasn’t interested in playing at all. John Lennon’s best friend was Stu Sufclift, which they met when they both were in art school and John kept convincing Stu to stay. When The Silver Beatles played at The Caven Club run by Pete Best’s mom, they asked Pete to join the band, seeing that he also had a drum set.

Renamed The Beatles at The Caven Club, until the third time to Hamburg West Germany. That was there that John Lennon couldn’t get Stu Sufclift to stay in the band. Stu found his soulmate and wanted to stay in Hamburg with her.

John Lennon knew that it was going to happen and Paul McCarney got tired of playing louder just to make people think Stu was playing, but he was only pretending to do so. Stu gave Paul his bass guitar and John Paul George and Pete kept on playing.

On their fourth and final trip to Hamburg, The Beatles found out that Stu Sufclift died of brain hemorrhage and it hurt John Lennon the hardest. When the Star club owner found out that The Beatles were going to be at his competitors club, he called the police and said that George Harrison was under age, so The Beatles had to go back to Liverpool, but not before they recorded an album with Tony Sherman.

Two songs were of note, My Bonnie and the first original song Cry For A Shadow by Harrison and Lennon. My Bonnie Tony Sherman sung and The Beatles (credit as The Beat Brothers), as the backup band. Cry For A Shadow has no lyrics but it was their own and for the first and only time that George Harrison and John Lennon wrote a song together and that John Lennon wasn’t credited in first place, which never happened with Paul McCarney, David Bowie and Yoko Ono, which should make George Harrison feel special !!!

The Birth Of The Beatles

After the death of Julia Lennon, John Lennon’s mom, John Lennon became more moody than before. If it wasn’t for his love of music, he’d be in jail, however in school he was just another bully.

His teacher didn’t think he would go anywhere, but saw John Lennon’s drawings and got him in one. John Lennon rarely went there, he spent most of his time in his band called The Quarrymen. A member of the band introduced John Lennon to Paul McCarney. John Lennon was impressed by Paul McCarney when he knew more chords than he did and brought him into the group. The members of The Quarrymen, kept l leaving the group when Paul McCarney started to tell them how to play their instruments. John Lennon and Paul McCarney was close for they have something to share with. Paul McCarney’s mom died a year before from breast cancer, so they both mom died around the same time.

It took a year to ask for Paul McCarney to ask if George Harrison can join the group. John thought since he was three years younger than himself, why should George Harrison be part of the group. when George Harrison played Twenty Flight Rock, John Lennon asked him to join The group. By this time, all that was left was John Lennon, Stu Stufcliff, Paul McCarney and George Harrison.

Stu Was John’s friend from the art college and seeing that he won some money, John ask him to buy a bass guitar and join his group renamed Long John And The Silver Beatles, which later was The Silver Beatles. John and Paul were rhythm guitars Stu bass guitar and George lead guitar, but their was no drummer. Drummers were hard to find and the good ones may not show up when their needed.

In other words, The Silver Beatles had no drummer until 1960, but even so, they still perform, without a drummer at all !!!

George Martin; The Fifth Beatle

When Brian Epstein went to EMI the PR man thought The Beatles were great, but wasn’t sure what to with them, so they asked someone that never did any pop music. George Martin produced Classical Music, but he had to produce The Beatles and the first song they sing was How Do You Do It and Love Me Do.

The Beatles and George Martin wanted a change, The Beatles did not want the song How Do You Do It to be released, because they thought it was too cutesy for them And wanted to record their own songs and George Martin didn’t think Pete Best was good enough to record with The Beatles, so he thought Pete Best can be in the public eye, but when The Beatles record, he’ll find someone else.

The song How Do You Do It, wasn’t released until The Anthology 1 came out and Pete Best was out of The Beatles. Pete Best never really fit with The Beatles, for he had different haircut and after they played, Pete never hangout with them, so John Lennon, Paul McCarney and George Harrison wanted him out, but didn’t have the guts to tell him John Lennon asked Brian Epstein to tell him. At the same time Brian telling Pete he’s no longer a Beatle, John Paul and George was asking Ringo Starr to join.

The first recording of Love Me Do had Pete Best as drummer, so George Martin picked a hired drummer to play in the studio, but The Beatles came in with Ringo Starr. The second recording had Andy White as drummer and Ringo Starr playing the tambourine, the third and last recording of Love Me Do was with Ringo Starr as drummer. From here on in The Beatles are John Lennon, Paul McCarney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Since George Martin never produced Rock’N’Roll, he didn’t know who should be the lead singer, so he allowed them to choose for themselves. The Beatles are the only band, in music history, that has four lead singers !!!


In a lot of ways, the 1970’s mirrors the 1960’s. Rock’N’Roll wasn’t like the previous decade and Bubble Gum Music were on the raise. The ones that died, or broke up, couldn’t be out on.  What with John Lennon’s Imagine, Paul McCarney’s Uncle Albert, George Harrison’s What Is Life and Ringo Starr’s Back Off Boogloo, most new groups were of One Hit Wonders. Through Jimi Hendrix and the hate of Bubble Gum Music, a new form of music formed and it was called Heavy Metal Music, which, like British Rock of the 1960’s, Have a loyal fans. Like the rebellious teenagers of the 1950’s and 1960’s, the teenagers thought they invented bad behavior. It seems the music continues with copy cat bands and fans dressing up like their favorite preformer, oh well at least Rock’N’Roll is alive and well for 1971 and threw out the 1970’s !!!

The Beatles


The Beatles a band whose inception happened almost 50 years ago are still very relevant to date. They started out in Liverpool, England in 1960 with members Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Pete Best and George Harrison the band made such a compelling sound with so much youthful appeal. They experimented with several genres such as pop ballads, and Indian music to hard rock often incorporating classical elements in innovative ways.

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