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The Supremes

When Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson and Diane Ross got together in the 1959, they started as a singing group called The Primettes and would go anywhere to sing in telent contest and local clubs.

As their was a void of black singing groups, Berry Gordy introduced the world with Motown and black singers and groups flocked to be signed up and have a recording contract.

The Primettes was one of many groups that wanted a singing contract and make some hits. Diane Ross’s neighbor was Smoky Robinson and he helped the group to preferred in front of Berry Gordy. He was I mpressed with The Primettes and sign them up quickly.

At the time, record companies would sign groups and then change it to fit what they want the group to be and Berry Gordy did the same with The Primettes.

Berry Gordy changed the lead singer to Diane Ross and changed the name of the group to The Supremes.

Motown had great songs and great singers, however the songs were recycled to everyone that under contract to Motown, that’s because hired the song writers. In most cases Berry Gordy gave The Supremes the first try at them, because he wanted The Supremes to be in the front lines, with Where Did Our Love Go, Baby Love Come See About Me Stop In The Name Of Love, I Hear A Symphony, You Can’t Hurry Love, You Keep Me Hangin’ On and Reflection just to name a few, which should make singers of today get jealous.

Berry Gordy was dating Diane Ross and at first it was great for the group, but when Berry Gordy changed the name to Diane Ross And The Supremes. That’s when Florence Ballard left. She was the one that started The Primettes and was the lead singer and now she’s the backup singer to Diane Ross, Florence Ballard couldn’t take it anymore and if we were in her shoes, we might do the same. However Florence Ballard, came back in the 1970’s after the group was disbanded, asked Berry Gordy to be able to use The Supremes name and Berry Gordy said no because Motown owns the name. Florence Ballard died a few years later penny less.

Florence Ballard was replaced by Cindy Birdsong. Berry Gordy had to promote the group as the best of friends. After Diane Ross broke up from Berry Gordy, she left The Supremes and Motown, but came back as a solo artist to Motown. So Berry Gordy found Jean Terrell. The Supremes stayed together until 1978 when Berry Gordy decided to disband them, which makes The Supremes the longest girl group in history !!!

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